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How to use biotin for hair growth?

How to use biotin for hair growth?

For those who wish to have strong, beautiful hair, there are some resources that can help with the process. But first, it is important to know that the average hair growth profile is 1 cm per month – which can already be considered a lot, if you take into account that this means 12 cm per year.


However, when your hair is very short, it is normal to want to speed up this development or to think that it is not growing the way it should. It is also evident that there are usually small differences and still depend on the metabolism of each, as well as the knowledge that hair cycles in different phases on the scalp.


Thus, growth will not be the same for all leads at the same time . However, if a person realizes that growth is really very slow or when you want to speed up their growth, there is, yes, the possibility of stimulating this increase. But first of all, one must rule out any health problems that may interfere with it.


In contemporary trichology, stimulation with specific substances and activities for hair growth. Among them, biotin (complex B7) stands out, a powerful vitamin that plays an essential role in the proper functioning of the organism as a whole – which plays an important role in healthy hair, as well as in having a healthier skin.


This is because biotin is closely related to the formation of amino acids and fatty acids , which are essential for hair growth and strengthening, as well as nutrient metabolism and keratin formation.


It is worth noting that the keratin coil is a fibrous protein consisting of amino acids that are part of the hair structure, accounting for about 90% of hair. That is, it is largely responsible for the integrity of the hair.


This happens because the hair contains 65-90% of its structure in the form of proteins, and these, in turn, are produced by the cells of the scalp using amino acids as a raw material. Therefore, in order to have stronger, hydrated and healthier hair, in addition to helping reduce hair loss and promoting its growth, amino acids are vital .


Hair in its composition contains a series of vitamins, trace elements, minerals and amino acids. However, not all amino acids, vitamins, and minerals are found in hair or produced by the body. And not all people need to add these substances when they have a hair-related disease.


In the case of biotin, you can find it naturally in various foods , such as legumes, almonds, nuts, whole grains, cereals, broccoli, egg yolks, mushrooms, bananas, etc. Thus it is recommended to follow a regular diet rich in these nutrients and if a person does not consume the necessary amount it may be necessary to use supplements .


But attention: never self-medicate , as this always poses a health hazard! And do not forget that you should exclude any diseases that may affect hair growth, it is up to a professional. Therefore, it is recommended to do a medical evaluation file with a specialist for diagnosis and from then on, select the appropriate prescription for nutritional supplements for the patient.


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