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Botox: How long does it last and treatment care

Botox: How long does it last and treatment care

Botox is a treatment to prevent and prevent the formation of wrinkles and expression lines , with the aim of leaving physiognomy with the most natural aspect possible. This is because in order to promote healthy aging, it is essential to avoid an expressionless face, without paralyzing facial expressions.

With age, the eyebrows and forehead lose strength and firmness as a result of sagging and loss of collagen. By reducing the effect of wrinkles , botulinum toxin , the active ingredient in Botox, used in a moderate manner prevents this natural fading.


How does Botox work?


Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the negative consequence of muscle contraction. Muscle relaxation occurs through the action of receptors for acetylcholine, a substance that determines muscle contraction. Therefore, Botox applications are carried out at strategic points, with the thought of temporary relaxation of some muscles.

The procedure starts from the analysis of the patient’s silent face. Therefore, Botox works to prevent static wrinkles , which certainly characterize the skin. In addition, it treats expression wrinkles – the formation of static wrinkles occurs when they are just expression wrinkles, which is inevitable throughout life.

Who is it for and how long does it last?


The best age to start Botox is from 30 years old . However, based on skin evaluation, botulinum toxin may be applied first.


People with fair skin, fair eyes, and photophobia (photosensitivity) have signs of expression around the eyes. Therefore, they are likely to receive an indication for treatment before the age of 30.


The durability of Botox is about 4 to 6 months . To maintain the desired effect, it is recommended to apply every 4 months, in controlled and divided doses.


treatment care


The procedure should only be performed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, to avoid serious complications related to the technique and form of application. One is when muscles that receive more regular applications become less susceptible to the toxin, which compromises the effectiveness of the treatment.


By respecting the time between one application and another, as well as the form and quantity of the product, the success of the procedure is guaranteed, eliminating any possibility of a “frozen” face. In addition, it is necessary to know if the patient is allergic to the active ingredient .

And of course, the patient must follow the instructions of the specialist after the procedure, in order to improve the effect of Botox. They are: Do not lie down immediately after application, do not massage the area and do all medical follow-up.


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