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Moisturizing – the basis of facial care. Why is it so important?

Moisturizing – the basis of facial care. Why is it so important?

Unfortunately, there are many factors that cause dry facial skin. In winter, such rooms are additionally heated by frost and dry wind. In summer, the skin is affected by heat and exposure to sunlight, as well as air conditioning. In addition, add air pollution, tanning beds, steroids, unhealthy foods, care errors … At the same time, neglect of moisturizing affects not only the appearance of the skin, but also its protective properties.

How to moisturize the skin from the inside?

Moisturizing the skin Start by keeping your entire body properly hydrated. You should drink 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid every day. They cannot be sweetened or carbonated drinks. The main thing is to drink water, but if you are not a fan of it, you should “taste” it with lemon, lime or other citrus, ginger or refreshing mint. Supplement with fruit teas and fruit and vegetable juices.

Fruits and vegetables are also foods that contain a lot of fluid. Plus, they contain a vitamin complex essential for healthy skin (B vitamins or vitamin C). On the other hand, reduce the stimulants that carry water out of the body and also contribute to the deterioration of the skin condition.

Avoid care mistakes

Excessive drying of oily and combination skin and acne is a very common mistake in care. Sebum is a substance that retains water in skin cells – which is why dry skin ages faster than oily skin. Cosmetics for the care of oily, combination, and acne-prone skin should limit sebum production, but not overload the skin, which is exactly what many alcohol-based cosmetics do.

New Cream Under 20 Moisturizing and Glossy combines antibacterial and moisturizing properties. The combination of witch hazel extract, which is great for fighting acne, with nourishing and hydrating hemp oil, is a combo that your skin will love. The cream helps fight blemishes and reduces sebum production, so that the skin stops its unsightly sheen. However, at the same time it provides optimal hydration, which is necessary for the skin to function properly.

How to moisturize facial skin?

Choosing the right moisturizing cosmetics is of great importance. Regardless of skin type, it should not dry out the skin or change its pH. For cleaning, it is better to choose soothing, non-irritating products that contain oils, plant extracts and soothing substances.

A good moisturizing cream should be able to bind water molecules, thanks to which it maintains a constant level of skin hydration for a long time. Moisturizing cream for problem skin or also a moisturizing cream for sensitive skin must at the same time take care and strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier. The welcome ingredients of the creams include: hemp oil, avocado oil, almond oil, coconut oil, mango extract, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and E.

The way the cream is applied is also important. It is best to apply it in a thin, even layer, with hand movements, and then gently apply it to the skin. It is also worth changing the cream used from time to time – for example every six months – because at some point the skin stops responding to its constantly supplied components. However, this does not mean that you should change the product after using the first package. Often this is too short a period to demonstrate the effectiveness of the preparation.

Another tip – try to choose cosmetics from one product line. For example, for a moisturizing and polishing cream with witch hazel, choose a washing foam or antibacterial tonic and enzymatic exfoliation from the “green” series under 20 . Producers prepare the entire range of products, taking into account its integrity. The individual components complement each other’s action, which makes the entire treatment more effective.

Also, don’t forget the masks! If left on the skin for the time provided by the manufacturer, it can act both deeply and quickly, giving effect after the first use.
Moisturizing masks can contain, for example, extracts of watermelon, linseed, aloe vera, ginkgo biloba, calendula, natural vegetable oils, collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Moisturizing is the basis of healthy skin – it is dry, aging faster, more sensitive, prone to broken capillaries, exposure to sunlight and other weather conditions. Anyway, we feel bad on dry skin – it’s unpleasant tension, redness, roughness to the touch … Moisturize with cosmetics and from the inside – to feel good about your skin.


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