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keep your hands

keep your hands


The most effective procedure for preserving the beauty of hands

Brown spots, swollen arteries, visible bones, loss of vitality... These are the most important aesthetic problems affecting the hands. Fortunately, there are many solutions to these problems. We recommend that you determine the most efficient solution as follows:

– Deep moisturizing to eliminate wrinkles:

The skin on the hands is very thin and lifeless, and wrinkles can appear after 30 years. This is the result of a significant loss of moisture in the back of the hand.

keep your hands
keep your hands

The solution to this problem is a dermatologist who can restore vitality and density to the skin of the hands by applying moisturizing lotions to the skin.

It is less painful due to the local anesthetic injection. The session lasts about 30 minutes and is painless. The final results are often visible after the first session, and if the effect of this treatment lasts for about six months, you can have a second session in about a month if you wish.




keep your hands
keep your hands

keep hands to yourself

Cell regeneration to hide protruding bone:

Problems with protruding bones of the hands are not always associated with old age, they can also appear in young women. The solution in this case is treatment with cell regeneration injections containing calcium hydroxyapatite, which repairs tissues.

About 1.5 milliliters of this substance is injected into each hand using a very thin needle. Since it contains an anesthetic, there is no pain during the injection, the treatment takes about 30 minutes, there is no scar or pain, and the effect lasts about 6 months.

New generation lasers for the treatment of age spots:

This laser is used to remove dark spots caused by aging or excessive sun exposure. Use a laser.

Immediately after the session, redness will appear on the back of the hands, which will turn into brown scabs, but will pass in 6-15 days if a moisturizer is used at this stage to make the scars disappear. .

keep your hands
keep your hands

hands to yourself

– Ablation of clearly visible small arteries:

Under local anesthesia, the doctor makes a small incision in the skin of the arm, then rips out a small, very protruding artery. While this treatment is painless, it leaves bruises, is done in one sitting, and requires a doctor’s check-up about four days later to make sure everything is okay.

Work with the back of your hand to reduce the appearance of arteries and bones.

Your doctor will apply an anesthetic cream to your skin about an hour before the procedure and then inject hyaluronic acid around the protruding artery.

The injection is made with a very thin needle, which promotes the flow of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is in the form of a condensate that surrounds the arteries. The specialist then massages the back of the hand to help distribute the injected material.

Sessions last 20-30 minutes for both hands and have minimal complications, limited to a few bruises. The treatment does not require more than one session, and the results are visible immediately after the injection, so protruding arteries and tendons disappear, and the results last for 10-18 months.

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