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mother of the groom dresses

mother of the groom dresses


 How does the bride take care of herself How does the bride take care of herself

skin care

The bride must take care of her skin to become bright and glowing on the wedding day, by starting to take care of her six months before the date, and that is by visiting a dermatologist to identify the type of skin, and choose the appropriate special treatment for her accordingly, and choose the appropriate makeup plan, It is also possible to take care of the skin daily by cleaning the face with a suitable lotion, using a makeup remover when removing it, and moisturizing the body with a suitable moisturizer after showering.[1]

Lip care

mother of the groom dresses
mother of the groom dresses

Lip care is done by the bride drinking plenty of fluids, especially water. In order to avoid dryness of the body, and the loss of moisture that causes dryness, it is also possible to use an ointment dedicated to it to obtain soft and tender lips, while avoiding using dark colors on it on the wedding day, and replacing it with calm colors that suit wedding makeup and clothes. [ 1 ]

hair care

The bride can choose the final cut of the month three weeks before the wedding date, and she can straighten it by chemical methods, or make it wrapped as desired, in addition to the necessity of dyeing it to obtain a final color for it two weeks before its date; Where the color will look better after it has settled on it for this period, according to hairdresser Teddy Cranford, [2] Hair can also be taken care of before the wedding by applying multiple treatments, including hot oil massage, and fumigation.[1]

Teeth whitening

The bride must strive to obtain a perfect and perfect smile on the wedding day , and this can be achieved by naturally whitening the teeth by eating raw vegetables. such as carrots and celery that remove surface stains from the teeth, or brushing the teeth by using strawberries and lemon, then washing them with cold water, and one should also refrain from consuming coffee and soft drinks in the weeks leading up to the wedding day.[3]

Getting rid of body hair

mother of the groom dresses
mother of the groom dresses

Many experts advise brides to clean their body hair well in advance of their wedding date. For example, the eyebrows must be cleaned a week before the wedding date, and care must be taken in the case of removing body hair with wax, at least three days before the wedding date, and much earlier in the event that this method has not been followed previously in hair removal, or if The skin was sensitive, in addition to that the facial hair should be removed in case of waxing before a period ranging from a week to ten days to avoid redness and irritation.

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