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Green Pool Hair: How do you solve it?


The after green hair pool It is a common problem. Although it is more common in light hair in general, all hair is subject to the influence of the chemical components present in water.

According to popular belief, chlorine would be the biggest evil that causes greening of wires, and is used in most swimming pools as a means of eliminating algae and bacteria, avoiding bad odors and oxidizing organic matter, and keeping the water clean and usable. However, chlorine has nothing to do with this phenomenon.


According to dermatologist Regislaine Miquelin, hair tends to change due to exposure to UV rays and heat. Having green, dry and dull hair after long days in the pool is due to copper sulfate, a substance found in water used to prevent algae from forming.


The same does not happen when wires come into contact with salty sea water, for example. “Salt water does not have the ability to discolor blonde, but excess salt can dry out wires faster, making them coarser and thus weakening them. Therefore, it is very important to help nourish when your hair is exposed,” explains hairstylist Luigi Moretto.


Ways to prevent green hair


Hairdresser Paloma Performance offers some hair care tips before and after entering the pool:


    • Keep your hair moisturized, as it is easy for open cuticles and porous hair to turn green.


    • Wash your hair before and after entering the pool because washing makes it difficult to penetrate copper sulfate


    • Do not enter the pool less than 15 days after a reflexology or other hair-lightening procedure.


    • Use products that are suitable for the summer, as they protect against the effects of the sun and help prevent damage from copper sulfate in pool water.



Green hair: what do you do now?


In such cases, the ideal is to use micellar cleansers. Micellar shampoo, for example, contains microscopic oil particles that attract and remove dirt and heavy metal residue, resulting in a deep cleaning of wires.


However, it is important not to overuse these products, since for their intensive cleansing, continued use can strip the natural oil from the hair and thus dry it out.


If the hair has been chemically straightened, it is important to know that some micellar products may contain active substances that alter the hair’s structure, removing or weakening the chemical in the hair.


In these cases, or if the discoloration is very severe, hairstylist Luigi Moretto advises looking for professionals. “There are cases that need chemical intervention, which must be performed by a trained professional,” the specialist explains.

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