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Learn techniques for lip augmentation and revitalization


Revitalizing lips, above all, is an appreciation for subtle beauty. Yes, it should be highlighted to ensure the best facial harmony (without exaggerating the volume), as well as to solve aesthetic problems. The shape of the lips is important for the beauty of the face, it shapes the face by being in harmony with the nose and eye area.


Therefore, filling the lips with periodic applications values ​​the lips beyond the sensual side. Full contour modeling and defect correction are some of the benefits that have been achieved. The treatment is recommended for those who have small, thin, asymmetrical lips and have a small size due to age or even genetic reasons. Thin lips of a small size give the impression of an aged face.


Therefore, lip fillers restore the volume of the lips and compensate for the lost structure. The result is hydrated and voluminous lips, with better definition and a proportional effect, providing beauty and rejuvenation. The treatment is applied both on the edge between the redness of the lip and the skin and on Cupid’s bow, periphery, labial tubercles and philtrum.


This treatment concept is based on the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP), which estimates that non-surgical cosmetic procedures have been in great demand in recent years. Brazilians of all ages seek the minimally invasive procedure.


In this context, filling with hyaluronic acid, for example, does not require cuts, examinations and hospitalization, and can be performed on an outpatient basis. Results are achieved in a short time. In addition, temporary fillings are safer, do not cause complications and are absorbable. The effect lasts on average from six months to a year.


Never be stressed: the professional must be qualified to perform the cosmetic procedure. Remember, demand an effective and natural result, with quality and safety at the origin of the product to be used.

lip surgical technique


If you are looking for a surgical intervention, the technique may be a lip lift. The surgery aims to correct sagging and shortening of the upper lip, which is common in the aging process. With age, the perilous zone loses the definition of Cupid’s bow, even becoming droopy. This surgical procedure is indicated to treat the large distance between the base of the nose and the beginning of the upper lip.


It is also used to correct the upper lip with great intensity in order to achieve full face volume. This technique is performed by hanging the upper lip by removing a few millimeters of skin, just below the nose.


In the search for an improvement in the lip lift process, it is recommended to increase the volume of the lips and facial wrinkles with fat fillers from the body itself or with hyaluronic acid. The final effect is lip drop with a complete treatment for sagging and wrinkles. The scar is barely noticeable at the base or wings of the nose.


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