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Aluminum-free deodorant: benefits and buying options

Aluminum-free deodorant: benefits and buying options



Finding the perfect deodorant can be a challenge for many people. In addition to each one’s personal adaptation and preference for certain fragrances, some of the ingredients present in the formulation of products can cause a series of problems and inconveniences.


This is the case of aluminum , which like parabens, alcohol and triclosan can provoke allergic reactions in sensitive skin . Therefore, betting on deodorant without this substance can be a solution to avoid uncomfortable situations.


In this sense, many brands are already investing in aluminum-free formulations and there are even those who are betting on homemade recipes to make their deodorant free of the substance. So, ask your questions about this type of product.


The role of aluminum in deodorant


During sweating, the human body expels water and mineral salts (sodium and potassium). However, upon contact with bacteria present in the armpits, sweat can result in an unpleasant odor . This is where deodorants come in.

“The function of deodorant is to reduce the amount of bacteria and moisture in the armpit area . It contains antiseptic substances, such as alcohol or triclosan, which prevent bacteria from multiplying and reduce unpleasant odor,” explains dermatologist Fabiana Seidl.


On the other hand, according to the doctor, deodorants called antiperspirants contain aluminum salts in their composition – which work by inhibiting the secretion of sweat glands. However, this substance can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive skins , resulting in itching, redness and even swelling in the armpits.


“The main active ingredient of antiperspirants is aluminum chloride, which can coagulate proteins, forming blockage structures that block the ducts of the sweat glands, reducing sweat secretion . Because of this, there is a risk of pore blockage and gland inflammation,” says dermatologist Franklin Verissimo Oliveira. .


How to identify aluminum on the label


There are many aluminum compounds used in the manufacture of dermatological cosmetics, and aluminum chlorohydrate (wet aluminum hydrochloride) is the most frequently used. In addition, in general, the substance can be identified on the product label under the following designations:


    • aluminum chloride (aluminum chloride)


    • ammonium aluminum (aluminum ammonium sulfate)


    • aluminum sulfate (aluminum sulfate)


    • Aluminum powder (aluminum powder/aluminum powder)


    • Magnesium Aluminum Silicate (Magnesium Aluminum Silicate)



Those who are allergic to these compounds should pay attention to makeup packaging. This is because aluminum can also be found in nail polishes, blushes, eye shadows and lipsticks in the form of “aluminum pigment”.


It’s important to keep in mind that formula ingredients are always listed in order. From most concentrated to least concentrated . That is, the first component is the component that contains the largest amount of the composition of the product.


In the specific case of deodorants, according to Anvisa, the maximum amount of aluminum hydrochloride allowed in antiperspirant products is 15%.


Does aluminum deodorant cause cancer?


There is a common belief surrounding aluminum deodorants that these products are linked to breast cancer in women. “It was believed that aluminum prevents sweating and therefore harmful substances are excreted through the sweat. These substances will remain inside the body, which leads to the onset of disease,” says dermatologist Cynthia Nigro.


However, according to the doctor, it has already been proven that this does not happen and is nothing more than a myth in the world of beauty. There are no scientific publications yet to suggest that the aluminum in deodorants causes breast cancer. However, the effects of the absorption of aluminum salts in the breast remain in the eyes of scientists.


Even in the face of these results, many people saw aluminum-free deodorants as the potential to make their body care routine more natural. And in fact, by choosing products that are free of aggressive substances, such as alcohol and parabens, the body is protected from short and long-term effects – from the above-mentioned allergic reactions to premature aging.


Aluminum-free deodorant x natural deodorant


Especially for those who have sensitive skin or want to change their cosmetic consumption, there is the option of using a synthetic deodorant without aluminum in its formula or making a natural deodorant with essential oils and magnesium oxide .


This alternative substance, according to Dr. Fabiana Seidl, helps reduce moisture in the armpits, but does not act as an antiperspirant. In addition, the effectiveness of natural deodorants in controlling bad odor caused by perspiration is less than the effectiveness of industrial products that do not contain aluminum in the composition.


This is because the cosmetic industry uses other ingredients in lotion as a substitute for aluminum to contain sweat and bad odor. However, this type of deodorant is best suited for people with sensitive skin, who cannot tolerate alcohol or parabens, as these substances can cause more allergic reactions.

Generally, aluminum-free synthetic deodorants trap moisture in the armpits and avoid bad odor in the area. On the other hand, household products help control armpit odor in particular, but they do not reduce or prevent the presence of perspiration.


Where to buy aluminum free deodorants?


You can find different aluminum-free deodorant options on Amazon. paying off:


South Lavender Natural Roll On Deodorant


Natural Soothe Roll On Deodorant contains a blend of essential oils of Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Witch Hazel that together provide a product with antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-odor properties, without harming the skin. The deodorant does not contain aluminum in the formula and protects it for up to 24 hours.


Natural Retractable Deodorant Stick Without Perfume , Lavi’s –

Also manufactured by Lafe’s, Natural Stick Retractable deodorant follows the same aluminum-free formula as Roll-on, but this time without fragrance and in a different format. It naturally fights odor, does not clog pores and ensures intense protection without harmful chemicals.


Kristall Sensitive Deodorant Stick, Alva Naturkosmetik –


With a package that lasts up to two years of use, the Kristall Sensitive Stick, by Alva Naturkosmetik, is a bactericidal, eliminating bad-odor-causing bacteria, without affecting the body’s natural perspiration.


Deodorant for women without aluminum, on top –

Conventional deodorant brands have also developed aluminum-free formulas. Such is the case with Above Feminine Spray, which has no aluminum in the formula and works like any traditional deodorant.

Natural and botanical spray deodorant, Pony Natural –

Natural essential oil-based deodorants are also great at avoiding aluminum and other chemical compounds. Such is the case with Bonnie Naturals, a 100% natural and vegan spray deodorant made with Aloe Vera, Calendula, Witch Hazel, Tea Tree and Grapefruit, helping to protect and soothe underarm skin.

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