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How do you choose the first foundation? Tips and tricks

How do you choose the first foundation? Tips and tricks

Now you can start experimenting with makeup on your own. The art of make-up is not so complicated – you will definitely practice quickly. Just remember that any cosmetics you use for this purpose should not be chosen by chance. Of course, this principle applies to all types of cosmetics, but it is especially important in the case of foundation. The durability and final appearance of the entire make-up depend on this. If chosen incorrectly, it can surprise you rather than help. If you have not yet found what suits you, we will tell you what features a good foundation should have and which one to choose.

The master of camouflage, i.e. the perfect foundation

Face primer is a unique cosmetic. There is a reason it is sometimes called a cosmetic for special tasks. A good foundation can really do a lot in terms of our appearance. Thanks to him, the skin tone is uniform and uniform, and any imperfections are camouflaged. As a result, the complexion of your entire face looks refreshed and radiant – all day long. However, the condition for achieving this effect is to find the right product.
As you probably noticed for yourself, there are many grounds for sale that differ not only in shade, but also in real estate. The most common are: covering foundation, foundation mat and radiant foundation. The name itself indicates the influence of each of them. Covered foundation is a foundation whose main task is to cover imperfections and color visible on the skin. Although it will help you reduce the appearance of pimples and blackheads, you should take into account that due to its pigment-rich consistency, it can exacerbate the skin problems you are fighting by clogging your pores. Illuminating foundation also provides a covering effect, but in its case you can also count on a radiant appearance of the skin of the face. Because of this property, it is recommended for elderly women whose skin has lost its natural glow. On the other hand, you have to make friends with the last type of foundation, i.e. volatile foundation. It’s the perfect foundation for combination skinAnd fatty ones, especially if they contain ingredients that reduce the amount of sebum secretion. The best option for you is the Anti-Bacterial Fluid, from Under Twenty, a foundation rich in substances that prevent the reproduction of bacteria and thus the formation of blemishes. The combination of all these ingredients makes this type of foundation great for what’s most important to your skin, so it allows you to reduce the appearance of imperfections, even out skin tone, and provides a gentle polishing effect without weighing it down.

How do you choose the appropriate foundation for your skin?

Now that you know how to find the best foundation for your skin, it’s time to remind you of the rules for using it and choosing a shade. Let’s start with the second issue, which is very important, because the wrong shade of foundation is one of the basic mistakes in make-up, which many women make. Remember, it should be half a shade darker than your natural skin tone. To find out if a particular shade is the right color, you can ask the store for a sample of cosmetics or spread a little product around the wrist – this is where the skin tone is similar to the color of the face. . Also, do not forget that even a light foundation , the use of excess may cause the so-called mask effect. So try not to overdo the amount of cosmetics. This way, your makeup will look natural and beautiful.


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