Skin Detox – Focus on Deep Cleansing!

Skin Detox – Focus on Deep Cleansing!

The word “detox” is becoming more and more popular. You may have heard of nutritional detox, which in short means the complete abandonment of certain groups of products, such as sweets, along with the consumption of those products that help cleanse the body of toxins and other unwanted substances. It turns out that detoxing goes well not only with diet. Deep cleansing also works well on facial skin. Therefore, from time to time, it is worthwhile to ensure her a break from makeup in favor of meticulous care. Not sure where to start? We’ll help you prepare a detoxifier for your skin, and hopefully help improve its appearance and condition.

DETOX EVERY DAY – Remember to cleanse your skin every day!

While we promised to give you some tips on how to ensure a real detox for your skin that you can use occasionally, we first need a brief explanation of daily facial cleansing. It is very important for its appearance. And the sooner you realize that, the better. Your skin struggles every day with the impurities that accumulate on its surface. Their long list also includes the cosmetics that you use for makeup. Subsequent layers of these impurities overlap, making the skin unable to breathe. It also clogs the sebaceous glands, so you have to deal with all kinds of imperfections. That is why it is so important to clean it daily, so you should set aside time in the morning and evening.

How to clean your face effectively?You do not need to spend a lot of time on this task. All you have to do is wash your face with a cleansing gel or foam every day. Choose products designed for your skin. In the case of problem skin, these will be preparations from the anti-acne series, for example the brand Under Twenty. Remember not to wipe your face with a traditional towel after washing, because you will make the bacteria appear on your face, which you just tried to remove. Instead, use bandages or disposable dressings.

The Power of Detoxing – Focus on Deep Cleansing!

If you’ve been a keen eye in biology lessons – and we’re convinced you are – then you definitely know that skin cells die in order to make room for new ones. However, it happens that dead cells remain on the surface of the skin, often clogging the sebaceous glands. To prevent this from happening, they must be peeled. Of course, for this purpose a face scrub . Thanks to the content of exfoliating substances and abrasive particles, peeling perfectly cleanses the face of all impurities, including dead skin cells. If we add an antibacterial effect to its long list of benefits, as with Under Twenty’s antibacterial deep peel, we’ve got a ready-made recipe for detoxing the skin. It is clear that the regular use of peeling improves the condition of the skin, and also reduces imperfections, making the skin of the face smooth and free of pores.

You can perform a skin detoxification procedure in the form of a deep peeling 1-2 times a week. Before applying the product, wash your face with a gel or foam. Then apply the chosen cream on slightly damp skin with a cleansing peeling and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Get rid of excess preparation by washing your face with water. Then dry the skin well, of course with disposable compresses. Do not forget to apply a suitable cream for the needs of your skin.


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