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How does charcoal cleanse the skin? | under twenty

How does charcoal cleanse the skin? | under twenty

Activated carbon is a natural ingredient that often appears in skin care cosmetics intended for facial cleansing. Where does its popularity come from? Of course, because of its unique properties. Active carbon particles absorb various types of impurities, thanks to which the facial skin is perfectly cleaned, both from dust particles, pollen, cosmetic residues and excess sebum accumulated on the surface. Activated charcoal effectively unclogs pores, thus reducing the risk of blackheads and other facial skin imperfections. In short – if you want to enjoy perfectly smooth skin, look for products containing this unique ingredient as soon as possible.

Facial cleansing with activated carbon – see how it works!

As you know well cleansing the skin in the case of acne-prone skin, should form the basis of daily care. Because facial cleansing was really effective, the daily use of cleansing products should be extended with the use of products intended for the so-called deep cleansing of the skin, which, apart from removing superficial impurities, will also help to get rid of dead skin cells, which often lie on the sebaceous glands. A cleansed person can serve this purpose as a face mask or scrub. Their use is a very effective way to deal with blackheads, which will also help reduce other blemishes, such as pimples. It turns out that in order to achieve satisfactory results in this area, it is worth reaching for cosmetics for acne skin containing activated carbon. pore cleansing with the help of activated carbon it becomes more effective. why?

Well, activated carbon easily attracts all kinds of impurities that accumulate on the face, while remaining safe for the skin. With the help of charcoal, you will remove excess sebum, cosmetic residues as well as pollen, dust particles and everything that prevents your skin from breathing. Carbon also has an antibacterial effect. This means that it prevents the reproduction of bacteria responsible for the formation of pimples. Thanks to him, your skin has the opportunity to become smooth and flawless.

Say stop blemishes!

Facial care with the help of products containing activated carbon is really effective. If you don’t believe us, be sure to try it out for yourself and we promise you won’t regret it! If you do not know which cosmetics to choose, we are happy to advise you by offering the Carbon Paste for cleansing and detoxing Under Twenty. It’s a totally unique product for two reasons. The first is the composition – we guarantee that everyone will love our ingredients for acne-prone skin . The second way to use. Because you should know that Active carbon paste from Under Twenty can be used in two ways – as a prep for washing or a carbon maskthat will complement your daily care. The product, rich in active ingredients, will comprehensively take care of the skin of your face, providing it with what it needs. Among them, apart from the above carbon, there is also white clay, another substance of natural origin that carefully cleanses the skin of the face and opens pores, as well as burdock and zinc, which reduce the appearance of acne lesions. Charcoal paste, as mentioned earlier, can become a washing preparation that you can use daily to wash your face in the morning and evening, or as part of a skin care ritual. Mask with activated charcoal daily care deepen and complete. The choice is yours alone. Note: You will achieve the best results when you combine both applications of this unique cosmetic.


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