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5 products that help strengthen nails


Do you suffer from peeling nails, yellow or brittleness? Well, know that there are some products you can add to your self-care routine to keep it going strong and healthy.


In addition to eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water, it is important to make time in your daily life to pay special attention to your nails and make them look naturally beautiful too.


To help you treat and prevent weak nails, Minha Vida has separated some products to improve your grooming routine. Check the list below:



    • Nourishing nails with wax and pink skin


    • base cream for strengthening nails,


    • Sos 4Free, Planet –



    • nail strengthening oil,


Nourishing nails with wax and pink skin 


Granado’s Nourishing Wax moisturizes and strengthens brittle nails and dry cuticles, giving them shine and a beautiful look. It is produced from a vegetable-based wax from cereals, bonded with oat milk and a mixture of silicones, does not have a greasy appearance, and is ideal for everyday use.


Nail Strengthening Base Cream 


Dermag Nail Force Foundation is rich in calcium and keratin – substances suitable for weak and brittle nails. In addition to strengthening it and stimulating nail resistance, it helps fight flaking and yellowing of the nails. Available for R$37.20 on Amazon.


The product is a strengthening base with six rejuvenating actives to provide resistance, elasticity, firmness and deep hydration. The base acts as a deep treatment and is ideal for those in need of nail rejuvenation.


Pro Gel contains a blend of highly viscous essential oils to purify dry cuticles and nails. Formulated with tea tree oil, anise, clove, thyme and grape seed oil, it combines the purifying properties of skin and nails.

nail strengthening oil,


Granado Nail Strengthening Oil replaces the silicone in nail keratin, making them strong, protected and healthy. Its formula absorbs quickly and can be used on nail polish.



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