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Skin care: what it is and the main steps to include in the routine

Skin care: what it is and the main steps to include in the routine

What is skin care?


With the advancement of digital media and the expansion of the beauty market, this term skin care has become known to many people. The expression is nothing more than a literal translation of the word “skin care” in English, and implies the steps and products used in the face care routine, morning and evening.


Among the many benefits of creating a skin care routine is preventing premature aging from free radicals, for example.


Although the market is filled with products of the most diverse types, it is important to consult a dermatologist and know the real needs of the skin. Different skin requires different care, so a thorough examination will help the specialist to suggest a safe routine that will surely produce results. In addition, a dermatologist will be able to recommend safe products that are appropriate for each skin type.


When starting daily care, it is common for people to feel confused about cosmetics and dermatology . Although they have similar names, they have different functions. While cosmetics offer immediate solutions to the problem, dermatological cosmetics will act on the deeper layers of the skin, promoting a long-term action.


In a previous interview with Minha Vida, dermatologist Caio Lamonnier explained that the skin is made up of different layers. The outermost is called the epidermis ; below has the dermis ; And finally to the meat , which is the fattest layer. According to the specialist, all layers are responsible for the balance of the skin.


In light of this, it is essential to follow all the steps of a care routine to ensure complete skin health. Cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection are the most important steps in skin care. Understand each of them in detail:

Cleaning: the importance of removing impurities


Cleansing is one of the most important steps of your skincare routine and should be done in the morning and at night, following the directions given by your dermatologist.


“Face cleansing removes impurities such as dead cells, sweat, pollution, and makeup, which aids in the cell renewal process, controls sebum, and unclogs pores, which helps improve your appearance, as well as prevent blackheads and pimples from forming.” , explains specialist in aesthetic medicine Franklin Verissimo.


For a deeper cleansing, after cleansing the face with a cleansing gel or soap, it is also possible to use micellar water. This step is recommended especially at night, as a way to remove dirt residues that have accumulated during the day. This step is called double cleansing (in translation, “double cleaning”).

Moisturizing: One step for all skin types


Moisturizing is an essential step in your skincare routine, and is suitable for all skin types. According to specialist Franklin Verissimo, it helps maintain the functional integrity of the skin and even prevent the onset of diseases.


When the skin is dehydrated, it peels off more easily and changes occur at the cellular level (such as a change in the skin’s normal microbiome ), which impairs the function of cells in protecting the organism from external injuries, leaving the individual vulnerable to infections.


In addition, according to the specialist, when we consider the aesthetic benefits, hydrated skin is smoother, brighter and better serviced. “Dehydrated skin ages much faster, due to a failure to produce collagen and elastin (the molecule responsible for elasticity), caused by decreased production of these molecules at the cellular level,” Verissimo says.


Protect from light: essential even indoors


Protecting the skin from UV rays is the most important step in skin care. The sun’s rays are some of the most important factors of skin aggression, therefore, even in an environment where it is not exposed to sunlight, it is important to use sunscreen.


“In the house, even if we are not directly exposed to the sun, there is radiation entering the environment through windows, of course to a lesser degree than direct exposure,” Franklin Verissimo explains.

In addition, the specialist highlights the presence of studies indicating that visible light emitted by lamps and electronic devices can lead to photoaging and the appearance of spots, which makes the use of sunscreen a more important step for skin health.


Precautions for using masks


Due to the epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus, people have been introduced into daily life where the use of masks is mandatory and necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, Dr. Franklin Verissimo emphasizes always using clean parts, and avoiding prolonged use.


“By using protective masks, the skin around the mouth and the sinuses is exposed to a more hostile, humid and stuffy environment. The use of makeup should be avoided, whenever possible, and the skin of the area should always be cleansed”,


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