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With the epidemic caused by the new Corona virus, the use of protective masks has become a part of the routine of people all over the world. Since it is transmitted primarily through respiratory droplets expelled through the mouth and nose, this element is necessary to help reduce the number of contamination by the pathogen.


Initially, homemade or surgical protective masks were the most recommended options due to the small number of professional models targeting health care workers. However, after a greater understanding of the effects of the disease, PFF2 or N95 masks have become the main indication for many global bodies.


Tricks to use PFF2 and N95


In addition to the differences in levels of protection, the way these models are placed under the face is also different from traditional masks that are fitted behind the ears. PFF2 or N95 protective masks are produced with two elastic bands that wrap around the head – a factor that increases the level of sealing.


With this said, people with curly and frizzy hair, in particular, may feel some discomfort when using this type of mask with their hair falling out. The way the item is positioned can cause the curl to curl, spoiling your locks and getting in the way when the look is finished.


To make sure the seal is done precisely and the hair is hair free, we’ve broken down some tips on how to use the PFF2 and N95 models on curly and frizzy hair. paying off:


hair loss



One tip is to divide the back of the hair into two parts, leaving the nape of the neck loose, while the rest is fixed with a clip. Next, you just need to help one of the elastic bands on the top of the head, and put the other near the back of the neck – both between the previously separated strands. At the end, release the upper part of the hair.


medium loose hair


There are two types of half-pigtail hairstyles that people with curly or curly hair can do. The first method is to return the entire front of the hair back, similar to wearing a crown. After securing this part with pins or clips, place one of the rubber bands near the clips while the other will be near the back of your neck.


Another alternative is to pin the front part at the top of the head, which can be styled with a bun or with loose braids. After that, just set the mask between the loose and hanging part of the hair.


Maria Chequinha


For those who want to choose a classic hairstyle, just tie the laces on the sides, above the ears. Next, just set the first elastic band over the buns while the other stays below the ears and close to the back of the neck.


Before leaving the house, make sure the masks are airtight. The N95 and PPF2 models can be reused if they are well maintained i.e. with clean appearance, without wrinkles and intact. If there is a loss of integrity, it should be disposed of in the trash. In addition, they should not be washed and sterilized with any kind of chemical products.

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