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Why does air pollution accelerate skin aging?

Why does air pollution accelerate skin aging?

When we think of pollution, we think of toxic substances, dirt, and other harmful effects. In the case of the skin, pollution can also cause serious damage, thus accelerating aging.

For starters, pollutants are substances that are present in the air but not present in the original atmosphere. That is, they can be biological, physical or chemical substances that change the original composition of the air. In this way, air pollution is formed from polluting gases emitted from cars, factories, etc.


From the combustion of these gases in the atmosphere, particulate matter is formed: fragments five times thinner than a strand of hair that attack its deeper layers when they penetrate the skin. This increases the production of free radicals that destroy healthy cells in the body.


Therefore, the process of skin contact and absorption of pollution results in oxidation, which in the long run leads to a change in the composition of collagen fibers, causing the early appearance of sagging and wrinkles.

Pollution also causes the antioxidant defenses of the skin to be depleted, mainly due to the loss of vitamin C which is known for its ability to protect the skin from external factors and also fight the effects of free radicals. In addition, the pollutants in the air also help to clog the pores, which contributes to the growth of blackheads and pimples.


How to reduce the effects of pollution on the skin?


After all that was said above, and knowing that the air is polluted, we quickly thought: after all, can we protect our skin from the effects of pollution? The answer is yes! By following simple, practical and easy habits, it is possible to reduce the damage caused by pollutants to the skin on a daily basis, thus delaying aging. paying off:

1. Cleaning: The first essential step in protecting against the effects of pollution is proper skin hygiene. This way, you won’t suffer from dirt buildup. Therefore, wash your face with a face soap ideal for your skin type at least twice a day: after waking up and before bed. If desired, it is also possible to supplement the cleansing of the skin with micellar water, for example;


2. Sun protection: Second, no less important than the first, is sunscreen. The product is able to form a protective barrier that prevents the skin from UVA and UVB rays, but it also works so that pollutants do not come into direct contact with the skin tissue. Therefore, use a sunscreen ideal for your skin type daily, with frequency of use throughout the day according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer;


3. Healthy Routine: Did you know that a healthy routine in general also contributes to more beautiful skin and helps reduce the effects of aging? If she is! Therefore, maintain healthy habits, such as exercising regularly, and try to eat a balanced diet, including foods rich in vitamin C, E and zinc on a daily basis, nutrients that will help prevent the deterioration of skin collagen.


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