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How do you compensate for an image?

How do you compensate for an image?

Your face begins to glow immediately after you put on makeup, and have you noticed more pimples in the morning? Plus, have you planned a photo session for today? Take it easy, don’t panic! You will see, everything will work out! We’re about to tell you how to put on makeup to look good in your picture, even when acne-prone skin decides to play some tricks on you. Thanks to our tips, every face photo – whether it’s a selfie, ID photo or just a crazy photo session with a friend – will be so magical that you’ll be delighted with it. Trust us and have fun!


Makeup for photos – what mistakes should be avoided?

Makeup for a photo doesn’t always have to look like the one we see on the covers of color magazines. Remember that this makeup is intended exclusively for professional portraits that only look good in the right lighting. In addition, do not forget that most of the time, this type of makeup is not good for everyday use. It looks much better in the evening version. Therefore, we advise you not to use strong, expressive and unnatural-looking makeup. Well, unless you bet on total fun – everything is allowed. However, if you want to take a good photo that you can use for a passport, ID, diploma or school ID card, it is best to stay true to yourself and focus on simplicity. Makeup should be a careful complement to your natural beauty and this principle should be followed in every situation. So that the shot does not reveal small flaws in your skin, which in the case of acne are undoubtedly flaws and glowing skin of the face, makingMakeup for the image , mainly focusing on hiding it effectively. Even skin tone will help you with this. Use it as a matting powder .

Good matte powder – and you don’t have to shine anymore!

The cosmetics for acne-prone skin that you intend to use to apply makeup to an image, should give your skin a matte look in the first place. Thanks to this, your face will not shine excessively in the light of the camera flash. Therefore, it must contain fat-absorbing substances. One of them is Under Twenty Antibacterial Powder. This powder, apart from the fact that it perfectly hides imperfections and provides a matte finish to make-up, in addition, thanks to the active ingredients, cares for the skin of the face, including by preventing the reproduction of bacteria and reducing imperfections.

Before you apply it, properly prepare the skin of your face. Start by washing it off, preferably with a polishing gel or facial cleansing foam. Then apply the cream with the same effect. After applying the product, wait a little while until it is absorbed. You can now start applying a liquid or BB cream. Make sure that the product you choose gives the skin of your face a matte appearance. Do this carefully, without avoiding any area of ​​the face. Pay special attention to the temple and jaw area – these are places where it is difficult to evenly distribute the foundation, which can lead to the appearance of a clear line of the skin on which the cosmetic is applied, it is normal. skin colour. Use your fingertips to apply powder or BB cream. This will allow you to achieve a more natural effect. Now it’s time for powder mats for acne-prone skin . Apply a small amount of the product to the brush, brushing off any excess and then gently spraying it on your face. And it’s ready! Now just smile widely!


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