soccer workout

soccer workout

Football fitness exercises

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Football fitness exercises 1

The difference between individual and group exercises 2

The importance of fitness exercises in preventing injuries 3

Fitness exercises for sports in general 4

Muscles to focus on in soccer exercises 5

 Football fitness exercises

soccer workout
soccer workout

Football requires physical fitness exercises that increase the strength of the player’s body in general and strengthen all his muscles, and the football player can practice exercises that increase his physical strength for a period of not less than forty-five minutes a day to get the best results, and such exercises focus on the part The upper and lower parts of the player’s body, as shown in the following: [1]

The upper part


The football player must practice exercises that increase the physical fitness of the upper part of his body so that he is able to handle air balls well in addition to having the strength that enables him to repel the players of the opposing team, and the exercise of this part of the player’s body increases the strength of the arms shoulders; This gives the player preference in implementing some game tactics such as side throws, and the upper body can be trained through many methods; Such as resistance rope exercises in gyms, or even lifting some weights with one hand and with different movements.

lower part

The fitness exercises for the soccer player must be based on enhancing the capabilities of the lower part of the body, which includes training the muscles of the legs so that they make them have a great ability to withstand jogging and running for a long time and for long distances, and there are many exercises that focus on training the lower part of the player’s body, such as exercising Single leg squats, foot pushes, and hamstring strengthening exercises.

The difference between individual and group exercises

Football is characterized by the different physical capabilities of the players in addition to the different physical fitness exercises that each player can do, and this difference comes as a result of the variation in the physical capabilities of the players, and the difference in their ages, or even their positions on the field,[2] but these individual exercises for these players do not mean that they can learn and develop football skills on their own; They also have to practice as part of their own team; This is to know the general rules of the game, learn important collective plans and strategies, and acquire various skills; such as passing, receiving the ball, dribbling, and other important and basic skills in the game, and therefore each of the individual and group exercises is of great importance to the development of the football player.[3]

The importance of fitness exercises in preventing injuries

Injuries are among the things that can happen to football players during the football season, although there are some injuries that may occur to players that may not be avoided and controlled; However, there are many injuries that can be avoided and completely prevented through some preventive exercises that the player can do, as doing fitness exercises activates the muscles of the body and prepares them to perform intensive activities, and to obtain good results in preventing injuries, it is possible to include The program exercises the player’s physical fitness with some exercises for the prevention of injuries.[4] To learn about the most serious injuries that occurred in the history of football, you can read the article The most dangerous injury in the history of football. To find out more information about football, you can read an article about football.

Fitness exercises for sports in general

Fitness exercises are important for all people who practice any kind of different sports , regardless of their different sports abilities, age, or even their physical structure. Where all athletes, whether they are soccer players, runners, or other athletes, must do physical fitness exercises that will increase their physical strength, and there are many common exercises that can be suitable for any type of sports, and the following shows some Among these exercises: [5] exercise


(in English: Squat) This exercise is done by the person standing so that his feet are shoulder-width apart from each other, and the toes of the feet are pointing slightly outwards,

then the person begins to lower himself down so that his back is straight and his weight is pressed on my heels His feet, in addition to being careful to keep the knees parallel to the feet.

Bridge exercise

: (in English: Bridge), this exercise is done by lying on the back, then bending the knees and raising the hips in the

air, taking care to keep the back straight while doing this exercise.

Plank exercise

: (in English: Blank), the person must lie on his stomach in this exercise, then focus on the arms and raise the body

to the top so that the shoulders and hips are aligned with the head, while taking care to keep the back straight,

then the body is lowered so that the knees touch the ground .

push up

(in English: Push Up), this exercise is done by the person raising his body off the ground in a manner completely

similar to the Plank exercise, taking care that the head is parallel with the hands, and that the look is directly

between the hands, then the body is lowered so that the elbows form an angle 45 degrees with both sides of the body.

Which muscles to focus on in soccer exercises

Physical fitness is very important for soccer players. Where the player must have a great physical fitness that enables him to continue giving throughout the entire football match time, which may sometimes reach one hundred and twenty minutes,[6] and these fitness exercises must be of benefit to the player; As it must focus on strengthening the muscles of the body in general and on some of the muscles that are most used in the game, such as the muscles of the arms and hands that have a major role in achieving balance for the player while running and jumping, in addition to the muscles of the back, abdomen, chest, and pelvis; As these muscles give the player the ability to have great control over his body, in addition to making him able to withstand training and play more, and among the other muscles that must be focused on in football exercises are the muscles of the thighs; They are the main muscles that the player uses in the process of running or walking across the field, in addition to muscles of the hips and muscles of the legs; that extends from the knee to the ankle.[7]

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