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Finishing for curly hair: check out 5 products


Finishing represents the hair care step after washing, and the conclusion of a beauty routine. For those with curly hair, this is a crucial step in ensuring the shape and definition of their locks.


There is no rule about the best way to finish off your curls, it just depends a lot on your hair type and personal taste. To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to know different types of products, which have different goals in finalizing.


To help you out, Minha Vida has broken down five products to end frizz. So that you can complete your routine according to your need, and rate your curls!


Shaving Cream Crayola, Lola Cosmetics


Lola Cosmetics Creoula Cream is made with avocado oil and coconut water, providing nourishment and definition at the same time. It also ensures a natural movement and smoothness of the wires,

Curl Activator Fluid, LOEL


Another interesting product to have in your routine is Lowell Curl Activator Fluid. In addition to defining and activating curls, the liquid has a prolonged anti-frizz effect and is very easy to use. The product is indicated primarily for quick touch-ups or to revitalize curls the next day. Available on Amazon for R$61.77.


Unit Curl Activator Hair Styling Cream, Power of Soul


Soul Power Curl Activator Combing Cream is for those who suffer from dull hair and love the wet effect. The main origin of the cream is vegetable collagen, which provides elasticity and a lot of definition, however, it is a more consistent and heavier cream. It’s a great choice for those going through a hair transition.

Pantene hair oil


Those with curly hair can suffer from dry ends, so adding hair oil at the end is always a good idea. Pantene Unidas Pilos Cachos Hair Oil guarantees intense hydration and lasting protection from dryness. Use the product as the last step of the finishing touch only on the lengths and ends. Available on Amazon for R$24.81.


Gelatin #todecacho never gets out of my head! salon line

Gelatin can be your best friend if your main goal is high definition curls and great durability. Salon Line Ultra Fine Gelatin, with PROFIX Technology, ensures intense definition and long-lasting wear. In addition, the product contains aloe vera in the composition, which moisturizes and prevents the characteristic dry appearance of the gel. Gelatin can be mixed with styling cream and hair oil for an even stronger combination!

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