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Cracked Feet Home Remedies: Check 6 Recipes

Cracked Feet Home Remedies: Check 6 Recipes

Cracked feet are a common problem, which can be signs of other conditions. “It can indicate imbalances in the joint body, a bone problem like a misstep or one leg longer than the other and even obesity,” considers dermatologist Valeria Campos, MD.

It is normal for you to want to treat this problem at home. See below the home remedies for cracked feet that our experts recommend:


1. Vaseline


Vaseline is an interesting home remedy for cracked feet, although it is not in itself a moisturizer.

“It forms a lipid barrier and reduces water loss, so it becomes hydrating indirectly by protecting the skin from external factors,” says Valeria Campos.

2. Glycerol


Glycerin is a vegetable oil, therefore it is very greasy and ideal for solving this type of skin problem. “It is worth sleeping with the product on your feet, or at least leaving it for 30 minutes, covered with plastic wrap,” the specialist confirms.


3. Other vegetable oils


In addition to glycerin, other vegetable oils that we use daily are good home remedies for cracked feet. Mainly olive oil and coconut oil.


Valeria learns a great recipe with these two products: mix them and then apply the solution to your feet, let them rest for half an hour with the products and wrap them in plastic wrap.


4. Cocoa Butter


Cocoa butter is also an effective foot moisturizer, and can help treat cracks. “But if the feet are always cracked, it is essential to consult a dermatologist for a more effective treatment,” warns dermatologist Denis Champarelli, MD, of Rio de Janeiro.


5. Burn the feet with warm water


Many people recommend soaking their feet in warm water as a home remedy for cracks. In fact, this procedure is very effective, but it does not work alone. Valeria Campos emphasizes that “warm water helps the skin to increase the penetration of the product that must be applied immediately, that is: it alone will have a temporary effect, it only improves the whitish side.”

Even if the water is accompanied by lemon or honey, the effect will be the same. That’s why it’s best, in this case, that you always use a moisturizer of your choice when you’re done with your foot soak.


6. Peeling


Just like foot burns, exfoliation only soothes cracks, but does not treat them effectively. “This should also be followed by applying a cream. The tip is creams that contain urea, which works to thin the skin,” Valéria points out.


What do you do when cracked feet bleed?


Dermatologists usually order an examination of cracked feet that bleed, to better understand the problem, before directing treatment, even at home. “The most commonly prescribed keratolytic creams, which are based on 20% urea,” explains dermatologist Dennis.

What causes cracked feet?


The biggest cause of cracks in the feet is the friction between the feet with socks and shoes, which makes the skin of the feet, especially the heels, thicker like a callus, explains dermatologist Valeria. If the condition worsens too much, it becomes a fissure, which also leads to bleeding.


“The situation is aggravated by the weight of the body and the way of walking,” the specialist continues. That’s why people who are overweight or have orthopedic problems suffer more from fissures.


And wearing flip-flops and flat sandals only exacerbates the problem.


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