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Profilo: Learn how the treatment works and its benefits

Profilo: Learn how the treatment works and its benefits

The task of keeping the collagen in the body intact is possible only if the production of hyaluronic acid is not affected. To be more clear, hyaluronic acid is a natural substance produced by our bodies , which retains moisture and helps with collagen production. With it , the skin remains firm, hydrated and refreshed .

However, with age, or due to sudden or sudden weight loss, which leads to sagging of the face, this rich component ends up diminishing – directly affecting the skin, which gradually becomes darker and drier. The visible result of this is wrinkles and fine lines .


Thus, as a way to combat damage caused by reduced collagen production, a new method of facial rejuvenation is known as Profile . From Italian technology, it is an injectable treatment , with a high concentration of 100% pure hyaluronic acid, which biologically stimulates elastin and the production of four types of collagen.


Therefore, Profhilo has a great ability to restore the firmness and texture of the skin and a lifting that saves youthful beauty, by smoothing fine lines and light to medium sagging. The result is a healthier appearance and naturally hydrated skin .

Once injected, the acid spreads evenly throughout the area and interacts with the tissues, instantly hydrating, resulting in visibly firm skin. The firming and tensing effect works throughout the area near the point of injection.


Tissue, when repaired, no longer shows sagging skin and signs of aging. And all because Profhilo continues to work in the following weeks as it will gradually increase the production of elastin and collagen. Thus, it is different from a dermal filler, a skin thickening treatment or a cream with hyaluronic acid, which has a topical action.


Therefore, the differentiation of this treatment is a more uniform result in areas such as the cheeks, lower face, neck, chest, hands, knees and even acne scars. Any part of the body that shows signs of aging.


On the face, it should be applied in points on each side of the face, under the skin and using very fine needles, to ensure complete dispersion of hyaluronic acid. In addition, it is necessary to avoid blood vessels or nerve branches to exclude any complications.


However, as with injection procedures, Profhilo application can also cause mild bruising or pain at the injection points for a day or two without leaving any lumps. Swelling after the procedure can still improve within a few hours as the product spreads through the skin.


In general, with two cycles a month apart, the results can last from six to nine months depending on each patient. This is because lifestyle and degree of skin aging are taken into consideration for the effective success of any treatment.


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