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Niacinamide: what it is and how to use it on the skin

Niacinamide: what it is and how to use it on the skin

What is niacinamide?


Niacinamide is a water-soluble amino acid that can be found in skin care face serums . It is popular in daily skincare routine because of its multipurpose potential and multiple benefits, helping to hydrate skin, lighten spots and prevent wrinkles.


On the product packaging, niacinamide can also be identified by other names, such as: vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid amide . Despite the different designations, the effect of the substance is the same and does not pose any danger to the health of those who use it.


In addition to topical preparations such as serums and creams, niacinamide can also be taken orally for inflammatory conditions in the dermis, according to dermatologist Carla Bortolotto. In this case, it is necessary to obtain a recommendation from a professional.


What is niacinamide used for?


Niacinamide is a complex formulated for daily use in your skincare routine, due to its hydrating, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory powers . Because of these properties, the substance is associated with many benefits for any skin type, whether it is oily or not.

“It can be used to help lighten the skin, as an aid in treating acne or other inflammatory skin conditions, in the treatment or prevention of aging, or even to help moisturize the skin,” highlights dermatologist Alberto Cordero.


According to Laíla Rios, MD, a dermatologist at DaVita Medical Services, vitamin B3 also has the regulatory action on sebum production in the skin , controlling sebum while hydrating the skin in the right amount. “It is well suited for sensitive skin due to its anti-inflammatory effect,” the doctor adds.


In this way, niacinamide can help treat conditions such as rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, melasma, and others. In addition, it can be an ally against dark circles, reducing pigmentation in the area near the eyes. However, in these cases, it is important to highlight that factors such as sleep and nutrition also directly affect the health of the skin.


How long does niacinamide take to work?


To get the benefits of niacinamide, simply include a serum or cream in your daily skincare routine that contains vitamin B3 in the formula. In other words: it is necessary to use the product continuously to feel the positive effects of the substance on the skin.


Tests that prove the efficacy of this compound indicate that the product should be applied to the face one to two times daily, for 60 to 90 days. However, only a specialist can determine the best indicator for each person, taking into account the individual skin condition.


Can pregnant women use niacinamide?


According to experts, niacinamide has no contraindications , due to its non-aggressive action. This recommendation applies even to pregnant women. However, especially in the case of a pregnant woman, it is important to consult a doctor before starting to use any cosmetic or dermatological preparations.

How to use niacinamide


Niacinamide can be purchased over the counter, in the form of a skin care serum or cream, or it can be obtained by manipulation after consulting a dermatologist. According to Alberto Cordero, in the tampered with formula, it is possible to use the compound even in oil form.

In the skincare routine, one should apply the vitamin B3 serum first and then the moisturizer . “Products that we want to have some penetration and action on the skin have to be applied first. Then come the moisturizers, which can be in the outer layer of the skin, as they have to work in that place,” the doctor explains.


According to Leila Rios, MD, a dermatologist at DaVita Serviços Médicos, topical niacinamide can be used in adequate concentrations daily, including during the day. In this case, the application of sunscreen is essential , since the active elements of vitamin B3 can make the skin more sensitive to the action of sunlight.

Before beginning the application of products, it is important to have clean skin to help absorb Vitamin B3. “It is essential to prepare the skin and clean it properly with soap suitable for the skin of the face. After that, you can use a facial tonic or not to remove makeup residues and excess oils,” As directed by Laila Rios.


In fact, a facial cleansing step is necessary before applying any type of serum or acid, such as retinoic acid. According to experts, this procedure is recommended twice daily (morning and evening), as a way to remove all impurities in the skin.

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