All about bodybuilding

All about bodybuilding


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5 Causes That Prevent Muscle Growth


All about bodybuilding
All about bodybuilding

Bodybuilding, or what is called bodybuilding, is a sport that consists of gradual and continuous lifting of weights in order to increase muscle mass, strengthen joints and ligaments, and achieve a good appearance. It is also considered a source of livelihood by participating in competitions and tournaments and getting rid of fat.

History of bodybuilding

The practice of this sport dates back to the times of Greece, and the goal of the Greeks in practicing this sport was to participate in tournaments and competitions that were held at that time and were not aimed at getting big muscles, and among the most famous coach of the Greeks was “Milo”, because that legends say that he used to carry his buffalo on his back for long distances. The bodybuilding career in the modern era began with Eugene Sandow and became famous in the UK. Eugene had a strong and attractive body that made him show the details of his body in cinemas with the intention of entertaining audiences. Eugene also capitalized on his ability to sell sports equipment and produce tools bearing his name.

Benefits of bodybuilding

The sport of bodybuilding goes beyond the idea of ​​building muscle as it benefits both young and old and can go beyond and include older women; Because with age, the body loses bone and muscle density, and one of its most important benefits is that bone density increases, so the more weight is placed on the bones, ligaments and joints, the higher their high strength, which protects and prevents osteoporosis. . It makes the body stronger and fights diseases it may encounter, especially chronic ones such as heart disease, diabetes and rheumatism. Protects the body from diabetes, as many muscles absorb excess sugar from the blood, which improves sugar control.Activation of the activity of the nervous system and brain, which increases the strength of balance in the elderly so that they can serve themselves without needing the help of others. Fight boredom and depression, regulate mood and increase concentration.

bodybuilder advice.

All about bodybuilding
All about bodybuilding

The weights you lift should be written down on a piece of paper so you don’t forget them. Have a gym bag, water bottle and towel. be clothes

Cotton sneakers with small heels. Do not stop exercising and reading articles about nutrition and training.

Reasons for muscle growth

It does not provide the body with the nutrients it needs, which specializes in building muscle mass. Doing exercises is wrong, so you need to know the exercises that best suit your body, because not all weight-bearing exercises are proportional to the nature of your body, such as balance movements. It does not follow events, changes and weights you lift, which each time must be higher than the previous time. It does not provide the body with the rest it needs for muscle growth.

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