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Thermal hair protectant: what it is and its benefits

Thermal hair protectant: what it is and its benefits

The practicality of heat tools, such as a dryer and flat iron , is indisputable, especially on cold days, when they become even more necessary. The function of these devices is to make the hair dry and straighten faster, especially when the prep time is short.

In addition, the diffuser is another device that also uses hot air to maintain the beauty of the strands. Therefore, there is no shortage of options, with different functions, when drying or installing highlights. However, hair is very sensitive to high temperatures.


Upon contact with heat, the hair cortex opens up leaving it weak, uneven and flyaway. In this same process, the hair fiber loses water and nutrients, resulting in dry, weak and brittle hair.


As a result, continuous use of thermal devices, even with a short exposure time, can be a major problem if the wires are not properly moistened and protected. This is the workplace thermal hair protector.


What is the heat protectant used for hair?


If you are a fan of these heat tools, you must know that a hair heat protectant is a household staple. As the name suggests, the product helps reduce heat damage to the hair fibre, in addition to offering a series of benefits that make it absolutely essential in your grooming routine.


Being thermally active, it forms a protective layer around the hair, preserving the cuticle and protecting it from the denaturation effect of the hair fiber protein. But the advantages of the condom do not stop there. Understand more about how the product works and the correct way to apply it to wires.

Hair protection benefits


The main benefit of an anti-hair dryer is to ensure that the cortex is sealed when it comes into contact with the heat of a flat iron, dryer or diffuser. Therefore, it prevents dehydration that results in damage and dull hair.


In addition, the product usually combines other advantages in its formula, such as:


    • Moisturizing action prevents hair loss after exposure to heat


    • Reduce wrinkle and split ends


    • Extends the life of your brush and flat iron


    • Restores shine and softness to hair


    • Compatible with all hair types


Dermatologist Meire Gonzaga, of Saúde Minuto, adds that while all hair types can benefit from a capillary thermal protectant, it’s important to evaluate its individual characteristics and whether the texture of the product is appropriate.


People with oily hair, for example, can opt for spray protectors. For drier hair, there are options for the product in a gel, cream, or mousse.


Does sunscreen work against sun damage?


It depends. According to Dr. Meire Gonzaga, a heat protectant is not necessarily a sunscreen for hair that does not protect the scalp skin. However, there are thermal sunscreens with ingredients that are able to protect against the influence of the sun’s rays.


Thus, it is important to note the product label and check its functionality.




There are contraindications to the use of capillary thermal protectants for people who have some sensitivity to the ingredients in the product. However, according to the dermatologist, there is currently a large variety of hypoallergenic products – even people with allergies or sensitivities can use it.


How to apply


The product should be applied to clean, damp hair and the entire length of the hair before using the dryer or flat iron. Since protectors contain thermal active agents, first apply the product to the hand, rub it in a little and then apply it to the maximum. According to the doctor, it should not be applied to the root.


In addition, it is essential to always use the protector before using the warmers, even if it is used more than once a day. This is because the effect of the product lasts about two hours.


Home thermal protector: is it worth it?


Apart from the options on the market, there are those who prefer to have their own heat shield, which can be made at home using easy-to-find ingredients. However, its preparation is not recommended , as it can cause risks of adverse reactions, such as:


    • hair follicle blockage


    • excess oil


    • loss of luster


    • fragile wires



According to dermatologist Meira Gonzaga, technology is needed to develop effective thread protection products, which the cosmetic industry offers today. As a result, the use of condoms that have been duly tested and approved by the relevant body is indicated.


where to find


Heat shields can be found in cosmetic stores, drugstores, and beauty industry websites. Its price varies by brand, package quantity, formula and texture. Check out some options:



Specially made for chemically treated hair, C. Kamura Leave-In Conditioner contains an amino acid complex in its formula that aids in the repair and thermal protection of the wires. It even helps knots untangle more easily, reducing the chances of breakage. Find Thermoprotector Therap on Amazon.



Truss Hair Protector –

The UV filter protects the hair from external factors, such as the sun and wind, as well as mechanical aggressions caused by the dryer and straightener. Truss Thermal Protector also has a shine system in its formula that helps maintain hair color for longer.


thermal spray


Developed for people with curly hair, Salon Line Thermal Spray helps control frizz and restore curls on a daily basis. It is a deal that must be used during the next day. Find Renova Curls Thermal Spray on Amazon.




Inoar Thermoliss Bals 


With argan oil, provitamin B5 and vegetable keratin in its formula, Inoar thermal active brush remover facilitates brushing, reduces frizz and gradually smooths hair.


Hair guard, gear –

Intended for all hair types, this Truss heat protectant helps detangle wires, as well as ensure protection from UV rays, heat from the dryer and mechanical damage caused by a brush. Search for hair protector on Amazon.

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