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The cleansing power of clay and carbon in skincare

The cleansing power of clay and carbon in skincare

Have you ever wondered, while browsing old family photos, how it happened that our grandmothers, despite limited access to the world of cosmetics, had radiant, flawless skin? They knew very well that it is better to choose natural ingredients for facial skin care. Therefore, they used the benefits of nature in different ways, not only for the face, but also for their body and hair. Admittedly, their methods were really effective. When we fill drugstore shelves to the brim, we often forget that what comes from nature is best. It’s time to change that! Introducing Charcoal and Clay, your allies in the fight for healthy skin. Meet, try, love!

The cleansing power of charcoal and clay

As any owner of problem skin, you’ve probably wondered how cleaning your face and what about blackheads would be really effective by testing new products. Now answer the question: Have you checked how many of them contain natural ingredients? Well, we make this mistake a lot, assuming that what’s in a particular setup doesn’t necessarily translate into its effectiveness. Meanwhile, every component is important, even the component whose content is relatively small. If you want to fight acne effectively, you need to learn to thoroughly clean your face with the right products. One of the most effective are those that contain cleansing components of natural origin – carbon and clay. why? Both substances have cleansing, detoxifying and antibacterial properties. What does this mean in practice? face cleansingWith their participation, it allows to achieve satisfactory results not only in terms of reducing defects, but also reducing the risk of their recurrence. not everything. Thanks to their properties, both substances regulate the work of the sebaceous glands and prevent the reproduction of bacteria. Their use allows you to significantly improve the condition of the skin of the face and get rid of the most annoying skin problems.

Charcoal and Clay Face Masks – Surprise!

A face mask is one of the favorite care products of most women and girls. Just putting it on makes you feel special. The process of applying a mask is undoubtedly associated with a moment of relaxation, especially if we combine it with girl talk in the privacy of our best friend’s bathroom. We love to treat face masks as one of the inseparable elements of a pajama party. And for good reason! In addition to loads of fun and a heavy dose of humor, we give our skin a real boost of energy. So if you want to get rid of acne and have fun at the same time, choose a mask of purifying charcoal and clay, for example the mask with active carbon and Under Twenty White clay. The Cleansing Mask helps eliminate pimples and blemishes, leaving facial skin visibly refreshed and smooth. Activated Charcoal Mask It will also help you reduce sebum secretion and unclog clogged pores, thus preventing blemishes.Charcoal mask It is a good supplement to your daily care that you can use up to twice a week. Remember to apply the product to previously cleansed facial skin (wash with a washing gel or foam) and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Wipe off any excess product with a cotton pad and rinse your face with lukewarm water.


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