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Why not use Monofin A on your hair?


When new beauty trends or trends emerge, you have to be very careful. The first step is to research the topic, preferably seeking a medical professional’s evaluation regarding the product or treatment in question – especially if it is related to something that could affect health.

This is the case of Monofin A , a substance intended for the veterinary field specifically applied to large animals , such as horses and cattle. By itself, this indicator raises an alert, that is, it is not intended for use by humans.


This product became known and achieved some “success” with the release of the so-called “pump shampoo”, which is made of the substance and promises to strengthen hair, as well as accelerate hair growth. Thus, some have used Monovin A directly on their hair or mixed with shampoo.


However, Monovin A is, in fact, a compound with a high content of vitamin A in oily form, which must be injected into animals that lack this vitamin in their bodies. It is not a cosmetic or medicine for human hair so it should not be used in a hair care routine.

First of all, Monovin does not have permission from Anvisa (the national health control agency) ie there is no evidence or scientific study attesting to any kind of benefits and the aggravating factor is that it also has not been tested on humans . Therefore, there is no indication under any circumstances that people are using it.


But the contraindications do not end there: there are a myriad of potential side effects that can arise from its improper use, since the concentration of vitamin A in the product is too high for a person. Therefore, it can cause an excess of this vitamin in the body and the consequences of this are numerous such as weak bones , hair loss (opposite), severe dryness of the skin and lips , among other symptoms.


In addition, even when used directly in the hair and not in the form of injections, vitamin A also does not serve as a major factor for weakening and hair loss. It is not specifically designed for such a function.


Another problem is that applying a product containing vitamin A to the hair will not have any effect. This is pure legend! However, it is worth noting that many vitamins are necessary for strong and healthy hair , but they will not accelerate growth. Its main sources are food and only in some cases of diagnosis of a deficiency of these substances, which is made by a doctor, is the prescribed supplement used.


It is also important to know that there are associated treatments that can stimulate the hair growth phase (anagen phase). However, first, it is necessary to find out if the hair loss is outside the norm, and if so, look with a trichologist for the causes of the problem. So you shouldn’t use anything randomly. This could put your health at risk.

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