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Fitness on hot days

Fitness on hot days

Summer is a good time to exercise as long as you know how to avoid the dangers of high temperature and humidity.

When the outside temperature does not exceed 27 degrees Celsius , it is safe to exercise, although it depends on how intense training you plan and how well you tolerate the high temperatures. To make sure that outdoor activities on a very warm day don’t hurt, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Drink water, and if you intend to train intensively, be sure to take isotonic drinks that will replenish the “runaway” microelements with sweat.

2. In hot weather, it is worth adjusting the training: shortening or reducing its intensity. You can also take breaks while exercising.

3. If possible, choose a shaded area for exercise.

4. Do not exercise at noon. Morning and evening are usually less hot.

5. Wearing light-colored clothing that reflects the sun’s rays rather than making it absurd, which increases body heat.

6. If you feel faint, start to feel dizzy or nauseous, or have a headache, stop training immediately, cool off under a lukewarm shower and drink water.

If the air temperature is above 27°C , check the air humidity. High humidity combined with high temperature are unfavorable conditions for physical exertion! Here’s how specialists assess the combination of these two factors:
with an air humidity of 60% (average humidity) and a temperature of 27-29 ° C, it is enough to play sports in the shade, rest during training, and drink plenty of water. If at the same humidity the temperature rises to 30-33 ° C, the conditions become very unfavorable, and at a temperature above 33 ° C, the conditions are considered dangerous.

When air humidity is above 60% even low temperatures can be dangerous. why? Because it is difficult for the body to cool down by the evaporation of sweat, which can lead to an excessive increase in body temperature.

Who is most sensitive to heat?
The elderly and children should exercise the utmost caution. While the former can take care of themselves, adults must take care of the children. Parents make sure your kids drink plenty of water on hot days before, during and after exercise. Dress them in bright clothes and bright hats to protect the head.

People who are overweight and obese and people with heart disease should be especially careful. Drinking alcohol is also not good for your well-being!

When do you ask for help?
When you suddenly stop sweating, your heart rate rises significantly even if you’re not moving, have a high body temperature, lack energy, find it difficult to think logically, and feel confused, be sure to call 999 or 112. You can Heatstroke can be serious!

Ideas for physical activity On hot days
when the weather (high temperature and air humidity) does not trigger the start of training, choose a movement with a lower intensity. Try:
1. Morning or evening walk.
2. Ride your bike in the shaded alleys.
3. Swimming in the pool, sea or lake – of course in a safe pool.
4. Do some garden work.
5. Wash the car yourself without avoiding splashing water.


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