Clay for beautiful skin | under twenty

Clay for beautiful skin | under twenty

Have you ever wondered how it happened that despite limited access to cosmetics, our grandmothers and grandmothers have perfectly healthy and smooth skin? Well, the basis of the care they used were components of natural origin. Nothing prevents us from including them in our daily care, especially since there are many products based on natural ingredients on sale. Today we look at one of them – clay – a very effective natural ingredient for cleansing the skin of the face. How does it work, how is it used and what is it worth knowing about?

In the world of nature

Natural ingredients in cosmetics are very popular for a reason. Their effect on the skin is not only effective, but also safe. So you can safely consider it a real boon and access the products that contain it as often as possible. However, in order to properly perform their task, they must be appropriately adjusted to the needs of the skin. In the case of oily and acne-prone skin, the best ingredients are those that have an antiseptic, astringent and antibacterial effect on the skin. One of them is white clay, which is a mineral of natural origin. It is a raw material extracted from the depths of the earth, full of useful minerals almost to the teeth. white clayIn cosmetology, due to its many properties, it has very wide uses. It is used in the production of care cosmetics, the action of which is aimed at cleansing, disinfecting and disinfecting the skin. Clay also has soothing and soothing properties, and at the same time it deeply nourishes the skin and gives it plenty of minerals. Facial clay can be used as a standalone product in the form of a mask or added to care products as one of the active ingredients. So much for theory, now is the time to get acquainted with its merits in practice.

White clay mask – your ally in the fight against pimples

The face mask is the perfect complement to your daily care. So let’s include it in your home spa ritual. If you still do not know which product to choose, considering the advantages of white clay mentioned above, we suggest you reach for a mask containing it, for example active carbon mask and white clay from less than twenty. Thanks to the combination of two components essential for the condition of acne skin – activated carbon and white clay – the mask perfectly cleanses the skin of the face, acting on it comprehensively. The Under Twenty face mask removes blackheads, reduces enlarged pores, smoothes, brightens and brightens the complexion. In addition, it provides the skin with many minerals that have a positive effect on its appearance and condition. cleansing maskWith activated carbon and white clay, it is a great complement to daily care using products from the Under Twenty range for acne-prone skin. Like gels, foams and creams, it contains carefully selected active ingredients, highly effective in combating blemishes. Use 1-2 times a week to enjoy amazing results. And be sure to recommend it to your friend!


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