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6 health concerns that your eyes can alert you to

6 health concerns that your eyes can alert you to

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When your eyes get itchy and teary, you should know that these are signs of your allergies, starting to appear on the eyes. But did you know that your eyes can also give you clues about a number of other health conditions that you may be overlooking. This is part of the reason why regular eye exams are an important part of your healthcare routine. Then there are signs revealed by the eye that affect health.

Some of the conditions that your eyes can give evidence of:

First – stress?

The appearance of a disturbing tremor in the eyes following watching TV a lot, sitting in front of a computer screen, or staring at the mobile screen for a long period of time, eye specialists say that this is the main reason for eye strain, in addition to staying up late and drinking caffeine. If it is very annoying, you should use cold compresses on the eyes to get rid of the tingling feeling. Also, closing the eyes completely, this is a sign of a problem that calls for a visit to the doctor.

Second: diabetes mellitus:

When the vision appears blurry and intermittent, it could be a sign that a person has diabetic eye problems. How to prepare for this Doctors explain that the vision is better in the morning and is blurry after a large meal, because after food the levels of sugar in the blood are high. Which leads to the enlargement of the lens of the eye, which makes the vision blurry. Long-term high blood sugar levels can lead to something more serious, diabetic retinopathy, which can later lead to vision loss. If you are a diabetic, you should have your eyes checked regularly every year.

Third: high blood pressure:

High blood pressure damages the blood vessels that carry blood to the retina of the eyes. Also, this will not be obvious at first, but today’s doctor can detect it when he looks at the blood vessels inside the eye. Therefore, pressure patients should have her eyes checked periodically every year.

Fourth: Excessive exposure to the sun:

Pink or yellow protrusions on the white of the eye can indicate epic damage as a result of excessive exposure to sunlight. If the continuous exposure to sunlight, these protrusions can expand and grow larger to prevent vision. Therefore, doctors recommend wearing good sunglasses to protect you from ultraviolet rays.

Fifth: Retinal detachment or migraine:

A serious sign that requires medical attention is flashes of lightning or darkness in your field of vision. This is a sign of an emergency situation that requires going to the hospital. Moreover, these momentary meals differ from those that are a precursor to a migraine headache.

Where the patient sometimes notices a twinkling or flashing light for 20 minutes that expands and contracts in size, this migraine may follow.

Sixth: The problem of blood clotting:

Do you sometimes see a red spot on the whites of your eyes? Broken blood vessels in the eyes are usually caused by stress (due to heavy lifting, coughing or sneezing) and do not cause permanent damage. There is no treatment only cold compresses, it will fade max in two weeks.

If these symptoms recur continuously, you should consult a doctor. Because these signs revealed by the eye affect health.

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