Wash blemishes! What ingredients should you look for in antibacterial facial cleansers?

Wash blemishes! What ingredients should you look for in antibacterial facial cleansers?

Plant extracts are very important ingredients in today’s cosmetics. We are still discovering the properties of little known and forgotten plants. We also isolate natural materials, which by their strength in impact can easily match their synthetic counterparts. Even if the acids , which in facial care they occupy a very important place today – both at home and in the professional office.

What do you look for in facial cleansers? Acids are not only in masks

Cosmetic acids are ingredients that were once available only in beauty salons and used by a cosmetologist. Today it can be found – in a small and safe concentration – in preparations for home use. Acids are indispensable if you want to effectively exfoliate the tough layer of the epidermis, cleanse the skin, and reduce the appearance of spots or acne scars. Its long-term use provides the skin with adequate balance and hydration and supports regeneration. In addition, acids slow down the aging process of the skin.

Among the cosmetic acids, you will find many derived from plants. Almond acid is widely used . It is worth looking for this acid in facial cleansing products for oily, combination and acne-prone skin. Almond acid has an antibacterial effect and regulates sebum production.

Almond acid you’ll find in a prebiotic tonic in a mist under 20 . This lotion deeply cleanses, destroys acne bacteria, evens skin tone, while at the same time calming the effects of oxidative stress thanks to the organic kiwi water content.

Another cosmetic acid, perhaps less well known, but of similar value is shikimic acid . This is an acid for acne skin whose main task is to regulate sebum secretion. It uses an anti-bacterial facial cleansing foam under 20 that contains shikimic acid, and leaves the skin matte and supple.

Other valuable cosmetic acids recommended for acne-prone skin include for example malic acid or glycolic acid .

Sage – kills bacteria

Sage has been known for centuries for its bactericidal properties. It has always helped with sore throats, and it will also help acne-prone skin.

Sage leaves contain a high concentration of essential oils that regulate sebum, and have antibacterial and antifungal properties. In addition, sage contains salvine and cyrsymarithin, which determine its antiseptic properties, and rosmarinic acid, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, cosmetics with sage such as facial foam under 20 helps fight acne, fungal infections and soothe dermatitis. Sage prevents the formation of blackheads and pus eruptions inside acne lesions.

Prebiotics – for protection

Remember that not all bacteria are harmful to the skin! The natural microflora of the skin protects it, among other things, against the attack of pathogens or allergens. Millions of microorganisms present on the surface of the epidermis also regulate the pH of the skin, break down sweat and lipids, and slow down the photoaging processes. Therefore, taking care of the natural microflora of the skin is very important. In the meantime, it is destroyed, among other things, by retinoids and fruit acids, chemical peels, frequent use of antiseptic preparations, especially alcohol-containing cosmetics, as well as cigarette smoke, air pollution, ultraviolet radiation.

Fortunately, the condition of the microflora can be improved with the help of prebiotics and probiotics. Probiotics contain beneficial strains of bacteria, while prebiotics are substances that support their growth and development – they are food for them. Therefore, skin cleansing products under 20 are rich in prebiotics.

Regeneration and soothing

A good cleansing product for acne-prone skin should also take care of the skin. Drying it out is dangerous to balance (and can cause recurring acne), dry, shriveled lesions leave scars, and thinner skin that needs rejuvenation. So, look for products that are exactly like the series under 20 and contain rejuvenating and soothing ingredients.

Facial Cleansing Foam Under20 is enriched with soothing irritation, refreshing mint and a strengthening mist – with rejuvenating B vitamins. 3 . Also look for ingredients like chamomile (calming and anti-inflammatory), witch hazel (accelerates regeneration, soothes, and strengthens colour), and licorice (soothes, reduces redness).

You can fight acne or excessively oily skin in harmony with nature. It is worth looking for natural, but very effective ingredients in cosmetics for such a demanding skin – both in the case of creams and facial cleansing products.


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