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Shine Control – How to maintain a matte complexion in summer?

Shine Control – How to maintain a matte complexion in summer?

Shine Control - How to maintain a matte complexion in summer?

Skin care that reduces shine

Excessive production of sebum causes discomfort associated with the unsightly appearance of the facial skin, which is why many people want to know how to reduce sebum secretion. It is produced in large quantities when the skin is dry, for example due to dry air or a lack of hydration. Dull skin is the result of the regulation of the work of the sebaceous glands. This can be achieved through thorough and regular cleansing of the skin. It is recommended to wash your face with a mild lotion twice a day, preferably with lukewarm water. Frequent use of the cleanser can stimulate the glands to produce more sebum. Massaging the skin with foam or gel should last a few minutes – only then all impurities are removed.
Another important issue is hydration. It seems that dry skin and luster do not exist at the same time. This is not true – when the skin is dry, the glands secrete more sebum to keep it hydrated. Healthy, matte skin requires regular hydration from the inside out. It is a good idea to use moisturizing creams daily and keep your body hydrated. Once a week, you can use an enzyme scrub and occasional mask, such as a moisturizing or clay mask, which will tighten enlarged pores.
There is also the question of how to get rid of seborrhea by following certain dietary rules. Eliminating salt, simple sugars, and highly processed and fatty products from the diet helps regulate fat production. It is worth using food supplements containing vitamins A and B vitamins.

Cosmetics that will help keep the complexion of the face matte


Daily care based on thorough cleansing and moisturizing of the skin is the most important answer to the question of how to reduce sebum secretion. Cosmetics and make-up are also useful, thanks to them it is easy to keep the skin matte and feel comfortable for a long time. Which of them should you choose and what effect can you expect?
In order for the makeup to remain fresh for a long time and the skin tone is matte, it must be well prepared before applying color cosmetics. The first product to be used should be a matte make-up base, which increases the durability of make-up and provides a long-lasting effect of polishing. Under the Twenty Mattifying Foundation, it softens and brightens the complexion, while making makeup look fresh and natural. Enlarged pores and discoloration become invisible.
The best makeup not only improves the appearance of the skin, but also cares for it. Mattifying BB Under Twenty Cream, in addition to removing shine to the skin, also helps to mask enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of discoloration and even out skin tone. The hyaluronic acid present in the base moisturizes the skin, thereby improving its elasticity. In addition, the UV filters in the BB cream protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.
How to reduce fat from the face? A long-wearing matting powder that absorbs sebum can do a lot, thus preventing skin from shining. Additional benefits are reduced appearance of pores and visual smoothing of the skin – this effect is provided by Under Twenty Matting Powder. Colorless polishing powder adapts to the skin tone, so you can avoid the effect of a powder mask.
All you need is a matting base, a matte BB cream, and a good matte finisher to create makeup that reduces the risk of skin shine.


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