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Summer is light – also in makeup

Summer is light – also in makeup

Foundation or BB cream?


In hot weather, avoid exposing your skin to excessive sweating or clogged pores – it’s easy to do in summer. The skin not only begins to shine faster, but acne also develops more easily. You can, of course, hide existing lumps, blackheads, discoloration and other imperfections under your makeup, but first of all, it is worth treating them and preventing the further development of bacteria. And under heavy foundation that clogs pores, or under several layers of different cosmetics, they develop easier.

A great way to reduce the amount of makeup applied to your face is to opt for a BB cream to remove shine. It works as a light foundation for summer, but when chosen correctly, it also works as a face cream.

BB Cream with antibacterial effect from under 20 is the best choice for summer. This BB cream for combination, oily and acne-prone skin perfectly harmonizes and adapts to the natural color of the skin without creating an unsightly “mask”, skillfully covering imperfections and giving the skin a natural and fresh look for the whole day.

The cream protects against the harmful effects of UV rays – contains protective filters. Hyaluronic acid and glycerin perfectly moisturize the skin, making it easier to dry out during exposure to the sun. The algae extract present in the cream inhibits sebum production, prevents acne lesions and rejuvenates the skin where the changes have already occurred. impact? Pores less visible, even skin tone, completely matte and natural comfort!

summer eye makeup


Eye and lip makeup should also be light and natural. Try a permanent waterproof mascara that will stand up to a hot day. Black is a classic that goes with everything, but summer is also the time to get your hands on colored mascara. However, remember to choose muted eye shadows – it’s the eyelashes that should be the center of attention! Pearl, blue and light gold shades will be perfect.

Many eye cosmetics can look unsightly after a few hours on hot days. The shade may roll over, glide onto the corners of the eyes, and smudge. Several waterproof shades are available here in stick, cream crayon or permanent mousse shades. The base shade will also extend its durability.

And what about colors? A light brown or golden shade with iridescent particles will sparkle wonderfully in the sun’s rays. If you want to emphasize the look with a stronger and more expressive color, choose a shade of yellow, orange or sea green.

Skip colors like pink (especially if you’re sunbathing in red), plum, or olive green. Or maybe you can bet on a trendy “wet look”? Just pat your eyelids with a clear lip gloss!

Finally, draw a line under your lips. Ditch the eyeliner and matte lipstick. It is worth keeping the lips moisturized and moisturized. Not only because of its “summer” appearance, but also so that the delicate skin of the lips does not crack under the influence of dry air and the sun. A nourishing lipstick or lip gloss will work best – remember to dip your lips in the same cosmetics that were on the eyelids in the “wet look” case!


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