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15 crazy fitness ideas for men and women

15 crazy fitness ideas for men and women

You do not need to fall into a routine that frustrates your efforts to have an attractive body and well-being. Find out how many faces fitness has and enjoy them in different ways, and most importantly – increase the effectiveness of your training!

Jungle Gym, or Hanging Training
No, it’s not about hanging your workout shoes on a buckle for a while! They are exercises in which part of the body’s weight is suspended on belts or ropes. For this, a tool called the Jungle Gym can be used – special straps with adjustable length and handles – that can be hung on a door frame, on a crossbar or on a tree branch. During this training, the weight of the body or part of it is used as the load. In order to perform the exercises correctly, it is good that the preparation is done in the form of easier exercises and very strong core muscles. It’s worth a try because it’s a really cool effort. It can be used to tone your body, strengthen your muscles or lose weight – it all depends on how you organize your training.
Where to buy Jungle Gym? For example here!

Joyful Fun, Like a Trampoline
Want to jump for joy while training? Try jumping on a trampoline. It is a way not only to have fun, but also to burn calories. In addition, the trampoline relieves stress on the joints during jumps. Therefore, it is an intense and safe form of exercise, as long as you maintain a minimum of common sense, because jumping on a trampoline in certain situations may cause injury: an orthopedic surgeon advises

ViPR – movement of the whole body
The acronym ViPR comes from the English words: vitality, performance, regeneration. The exercises are carried out with a rubber tube 100-122 cm long and weighing from 4 to 20 kg. Training consists in performing movements as close as possible to those made in everyday life, that is, complex movements, during which several muscles work at the same time. Therefore, these exercises strengthen the whole body, and not just selected muscle groups.

Elite Fitness, or Amazing Muscle
This is a suggestion for those who stay put after months of exercise: Although more exercise is done, muscle strength does not increase, and weight remains constant. Elite Fitness is the so-called cross-training, that is, a set of diverse exercises from various sports disciplines, interlocking cardio and strength efforts. Its goal is to constantly surprise the muscles with a new type of work, thanks to which they “wake up” to a greater effort, burn calories at a higher speed, and muscle strength and general fitness begin to grow again. The most popular programs of this type are P90X and Insanity Workout.

Pole dancing, ie, pole dancing
It’s really good fun and a lot of hard training. It requires the work of all muscles, including the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. It improves general fitness, increases self-confidence and burns fat. Column dance can be performed with different intensity and difficulty level, so it is suitable for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Back to Basics – Boot Camp
The command is given and it doesn’t hurt! You have to do the job. This is what Boot Camp training looks like, i.e. military-style exercises. Training includes simple and basic exercises that are usually performed without any additional equipment: push-ups, squats, jumping, lunges, abdominal exercises, running, etc. Classes are intense, but thanks to this they quickly build muscle condition and strength. However, not everyone will like this convention in which you have to play a cadet at the mercy of a ruthless trained sergeant. Features? Up to 10 calories burned per training minute!

High Intensity, or Cross-Fit
This is the record holder when it comes to burning calories: 15 kcal per minute! However, not everyone can tolerate such a high intensity of exercise. Training is about constantly fighting your weakness and overcoming limitations. Many exercises are performed over a set period of time, and at the end of that time, few are able to continue. But that is why if you slightly exceed your capabilities, you will get a bonus: you will lose weight faster, strengthen your body, strengthen it, improve your condition. Cross-Fit is used to train athletes, police, military, and firefighters. You can read more about this type of exercise in the article: CrossFit – Advantages and Disadvantages

Exercise i.e. training with a game console
Who said video games make you lazy? It all depends on the game you choose. If it’s an action game, the opposite may be true – you’ll lose weight, improve the appearance of your body, and get stronger, all while having fun. Try dancing, boxing, tennis or a virtual trainer. You can read about the advantages of this type of effort in the article: Console as a Rehabilitation Tool?

Dance Fitness, or Zumba This zumba
lesson will put you in a festive mood. It is an active movement to the rhythm of Latin music and international rhythms. You don’t have to count repetitions, just move around and play while your whole body works to make you lean and leaner. Zumba is currently the most popular fitness class in the world.

Punch, Dribble, or Aerobic
Training using the elements of boxing is a way to improve overall fitness, lean body, balance, motor coordination, strength and condition. Aerobox was created in England and originally included, among other things, elements of dancing, jumps, shadow boxing, punches and kicks in a boxing bag. Currently there are many variations and modifications, so before you go to class, know what exercises to expect.

Kettlebells, or Back to the Past
The Kettlebell is a weight-shaped weight – a ball with a handle. Using this supplement will burn 270 calories in 20 minutes. Moving the weight requires muscle work that cannot be done with strength machines, weights, or dumbbells. Muscles work when you put weight in motion and when you slow it down. Many exercises require you to work many muscle groups at the same time. Beginners should start with a lighter load: for women: 4-7 kg, for men: 7-12 kg. The key to safe and effective training is to do the exercises correctly.

Anti-gravity yoga or aerial yoga
is already very popular in the world, and the variety of yoga is still unknown in Poland, where exercises are performed using a special hammock. It involves performing various forms of traditional poses by hanging on a hammock suspended from the ceiling. Sometimes the hammock is relaxing and sometimes it makes the task more difficult. Effect? Stronger torso, deeper relaxation, better flexibility and body strength.

Getting back to nature, i.e. running barefoot
instead of arming your feet with cushioned, supportive shoes, strive to make the feet run as if they were bare. There are different types of shoes on the market that are designed to allow the foot to function normally. You can also run with special sandals or bare feet. However, before you get rid of the complicated technical running shoes and switch to the barefoot running style, you need to strengthen your feet, as they will be more prone to injuries when you are initially lazy.
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Carry more, ie walking with extra weight
instead of walking and dumbbells in your hands, which can strain your joints and tendons, try wearing a heavy jacket. Its task will be to speed up the heart rate and increase the consumption of calories. Start with a jacket that weighs 5-10% of your body weight. If you are significantly overweight, ditch the jacket – your joints are already carrying a lot of weight.
Training vests are available at fitness stores and online.

Virtual coach, any applications and websites with coaching
Are you looking for motivation? Download one of the many free or low-cost smartphone apps. Thanks to them, you can program your workouts, measure the distance traveled, and check how many calories you burn. The phone can measure time during interval training, so you don’t have to watch the watch all the time. You can transfer the data to a computer and track your progress over time there.
We recommend our virtual workouts tailored to your needs. You can read about the fact that it is worth using in the article:


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