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Spots on the skin: learn how to care and prevent


Have you noticed new spots appearing on your skin, whether they are light or dark? Know that they are very common, but they should not be left aside. It is possible to treat it, take care of the health of the skin and think about the future at the same time.


So, to find out more about the topic – with Eucerin offered Minha Vida ao Vivo received dermatologist Lilia Guadanhim, who told details about the imperfections on the skin and how to overcome the problem, as well as the consumer Kellen Baldonari, who had hyperpigmentation and underwent a successful treatment. Check out our top interview questions and answers below.

My life: What are the most common types of spots?


Dr. Lilia Guadanhom: There are those who are darker than the skin and lighter. Thus, the four most common types of skin blemishes are freckles, pigmentation, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and melasma, which ends up being one of the biggest causes of concern for those who want to keep their skin care up to date.

My Life: Why is it important to use sunscreen daily?


Dr. Lilia Gwadanhem: The sun is the main cause of skin cancer. Therefore, to avoid any kind of disease in this sense and take care of your health, you should, yes, use sunscreen every day. In addition, the sun is also responsible for accelerating the aging process of the skin. In other words, sun protection is no longer a care we should only have when we are at the beach or pool, but daily, primarily thinking about our future health.


My life: Clen, you have skin blemishes. How was your relationship with sunscreen before the hyperpigmentation treatment?


Cline Baldonary: I’ve never been a very disciplined person with my skin. I go along with every aspect when it comes to blemishes because I didn’t take care of myself, didn’t put skincare into the routine and was lazy. I only wear sunscreen when I go to the beach, for example. But that all changed when the spots appeared on my face. I realized the importance of skin care. And I will say: Is applying sunscreen that simple? So I advise: try to put it into the routine, it is possible.

As a result, Eucerin Anti-Pigment has provided my skin with discipline and changed the way I think.


My life: Is it possible to control melasma and continue to sunbathe now and then?


Dr. Lilia Guadanhum: Melasma can be caused by the sun, but also by sunlight and heat. That is, you can continue to sunbathe while at the beach, for example, but tanning should stop being a habit and not only for those with melasma, but for everyone who cares about health and aging skin. Therefore, the ideal option is to use sunscreen in any situation, especially those who are exposed to the sun, and always combined with other forms of protection such as shade, hat and clothing.


My life: What’s the best advice for treating your skin even in summer?


Dr. Lilia Guadanhum: When we talk about the treatment of skin spots, the specific treatment for this type of problem can cause skin irritation, so we hear that we should do this type of treatment during the winter, when the exposure to the sun is less. Therefore, the best way to treat the skin at any time of the year is to consult your dermatologist, since only a specialist in the subject will be able to determine the ideal treatment for each case and, accordingly, determine the best time of the year. to treat blemishes.


My Life: How does Thiamidol work directly on the skin as a bleaching agent?


Dr. Lília Guadanhim: The great advantage of using Thiamidol is that it is an effective bleaching agent that does not irritate the skin, thus it is a real revolution in treating pimples on the skin. It is responsible for inhibiting the human tyrosinase enzyme, which is responsible for the biosynthesis of melanin that actually causes spots to appear on the skin. In other words, Thiamidol is one of the best performing and performing assets on the market today.


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