monotonous training wrong

monotonous training wrong

You promised yourself that you would exercise regularly, you were able to stick to your resolution, you got the first results and… the next ones are gone. what happened? It’s time for change.

Any physical activity works with the body most effectively when it is new to it. When the muscles that have not been used for a long time move, after training, they quickly inform you about the effort with severe pain, but also quickly show the effects: better well-being, weight loss, the first outlines of the muscles. However, to maintain the tendency to change for the better, you must modify your training from time to time, while continuing to amaze your body.

When it gets too easy
If you have been exercising continuously for several months (eg in the gym), your body will naturally get used to the training plan you are implementing. Note how the exercises you performed at the beginning affected, and how they are now: if during the first exercises your muscles were shaking with effort, then it is very likely that you are not tired of them now. The same applies to all other types of physical activity. If you’ve been running for a few weeks (eg 3 minutes of jogging – 1 minute of walking – 3 minutes of 30 minutes of jogging), you are probably tired after the first training sessions, and by now you may not be out of breath. This means that you have already reached a certain level of progress and if you want to develop further, you need to intensify your training: increase the load or the number of repetitions in the gym, increase the ratio of running to walking, etc. This principle applies not only to beginners.

Why change is good for us
Modifying training not only advances training progress. It is also necessary to adjust the nature of the training itself. If you don’t introduce it, the body will get used to the activities presented to it anyway. In addition, long-term use of the same training leads to overtraining: drowsiness, general fatigue and lack of appetite appear after it, and exercises cease to have any effect and do not bring pleasure. Therefore, you need to change not only the individual exercises, but also the intensity of the entire training: remember that you cannot exercise at full capacity 365 days a year and everyone needs to reduce the amount of exercise.

How do you adjust training?
The main issue here is the goal. Once you have established it, it is worth planning your training, for example on a yearly basis or for the next quarter. To be effective, it is worth considering the seasons of the year. For example, if you ride a bike regularly in the spring and summer, you can buy a ticket for aerobics classes at the fitness club in the winter. They will replace cycling. Winter is also a great time for exercises that increase muscle mass and speed up metabolism, and in the spring, when high temperatures reduce appetite, it is worth changing the training to training that shapes the body.

Sustainable development
Most sports disciplines are distinguished by the fact that they specifically develop a specific motor advantage (such as efficiency) or selected muscle groups. There is no point in training several disciplines at once (unless you are moving for pleasure and relaxation and not for results), because some people will not be able to connect: a marathon runner will not become a bodybuilder, because his legs will not become a bodybuilder. You will be able to transfer 42 kilometers of massive muscle mass gained in the gym, etc., but about abandoning the run once in favor of strengthening the muscles of the legs, back and abdomen in the gym (using a large number of repetitions of light exercises) should That every marathon runner thinks of. Swimming is one of the endurance sports that does not burden the joints – a visit to the pool can have a very good effect on the body of every athlete, no matter what discipline they practice. Remember that the body works better if it is “surprised”

Injuries and Modification of Training
For someone accustomed to very frequent training, an injury seems a tragedy, because it means at least a few weeks without exercise. In the event of an injury, you should immediately consult a specialist. It is worth asking him when it is possible to return to training, and if the current physical activity is not possible, then it is necessary to know how to replace it. Swimming is an activity that helps heal many injuries because it does not put pressure on the joints. When a certain part of the body is under stress, it is often possible to arrange training in the gym, which does not include it, etc. Thanks to this solution, you can effectively spend time treating the injury, while at the same time working on it in a completely new way. However, in order not to harm yourself, decide on alternative training while treating injuries only after obtaining the express consent of the doctor.

Also remember that correctly performed rehabilitation significantly speeds up the restoration and restoration of the previously achieved form.

It’s time for changes
No matter what discipline you practice, it’s worth making adjustments to your training. This is usually done at least every 4-6 weeks.
Remember that the gym is not just for bodybuilders. Wisely organized strength training can be a great supplement to improve yourself in any sport. Therefore, if you are training, then adjust your training, observing some rules:

  • gradually increasing the level of difficulty (load, duration and / or intensity of the exercise, number of repetitions, series),
  • Surprise your body – muscles stop responding to known stimuli after some time. From time to time, for example, instead of going to the gym, go to the pool, and change your favorite cardio machine to another,
  • Work in cycles – After a period of very intense exercise, you should rest and exercise in moderation. No athlete is fully functional without breaks,
  • Follow your intuition – the more experienced athlete you are, the better your body will tell you what it needs. Listen to it as you adjust your training.


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