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Guarana and acai can slow down skin aging

Guarana and acai can slow down skin aging

More than creating a menu for those looking for energy and disposition, guarara italai can also be great allies of beauty . This is because unprecedented research by Dr. Idnia Ribeiro in Amazonas found that a combined extract of the two fruits favors slowing down skin aging and even offers direct benefits for hard-to-heal wounds.


To arrive at this discovery, scientific work used the remains of acai powder and guarana seeds, which are fruits native to the Amazon rainforest. “The set of results showed that the extract complex from this fruit has a significant healing effect, with potential for application in the treatment of chronic wounds as well as fibrosis and pathological (hypertrophic) scars,” said Edenya.


According to the scientist, many of the fruits of the Amazon can help with human health and longevity, and represent a huge economic potential . In her research, she also conducted complementary analyzes where she combined Copaiba and Andiroba , ingredients widely used in the dermatological cosmetic industry.


Guarana and Aca . Benefits

Difficulty in wound regeneration is a common tragedy experienced particularly by elderly patients. This happens because the aging process reduces the cells’ ability to regenerate, thus making wound healing difficult, explains Edina Ribeiro.


“Biological aging has a profound effect on the skin, which is the largest organ in the body. It causes the skin to break down, and with that the elderly end up developing a series of dysfunctions, including more difficulty in healing and regeneration,” he points out. expert.


According to the researcher, apart from the aesthetic topic, the skin also performs essential functions for maintaining health, protecting against ultraviolet (UV) rays, preventing infection by microorganisms and regulating body temperature.


Exposure to non-healing wounds makes the body more susceptible to harmful microorganisms, which is a significant risk in severe infections. Therefore, the compound açaí and guarana may be an important new bet for helping the skin heal more effectively.


Although it can benefit people with chronic wounds, another great benefit of acai and guarana extracts is their action against skin aging. In this way, the compound can be used in a series of cosmetics, more focused on the beauty and daily care sector.


innovation and sustainability


In addition to the economic potential, the scientist notes, the research also promotes attention to products that are incorrectly ignored by the industry. “These results are innovative and open up the possibility of using this substance, which today has no economic value added and is an environmental problem in its disposal by the cosmetic and dermatological industry,” he said.


The research findings are published in a chapter of an international book titled “ Analysis of the Effect of Andiroba, Copaíba and Guaraná Mixtures on In Vitro and In Vivo Scar Models. A Closer Look at Fibroblasts” The work was published in 2020 by Nova Science Publishers, New York.


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