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The first steps of make-up | under twenty

The first steps of make-up | under twenty

Every woman, regardless of age, appreciates the benefits of well-made makeup. Thanks to him, we have the opportunity to give the skin a radiant look, hide small skin imperfections and emphasize the greatest advantages of our beauty. Make-up increases self-confidence and improves our well-being according to the principle “we look the way we feel”. However, the word “makeup” can have many meanings, and in fact it means something different for every woman. For some, it may just be a subtle highlighting of the eyelashes or lips, for others it may be professional makeup using various cosmetics. No matter which option you choose, remember one thing – you should be satisfied with your makeup. Also, don’t forget your skin. Try to choose only cosmetics that guarantee proper care. Now that you know the basics, we will tell you how to apply makeup step by step to emphasize youthful skin in an effective way.


What cosmetics for make-up to choose?

The choice of cosmetics for make-up is a very individual matter. However, this does not mean that there is no set of product features that make it the best choice for a particular skin type. For oily and acne-prone skin, these are definitely cosmetics with antibacterial and glossy ingredients. The first helps to maintain the freshness of the face for a longer period, while the second prevents the reproduction of bacteria, thus reducing the formation of blemishes. You’ll find them among under twenty products – both BB creams , as well as concealers and powders that contain ingredients suitable for the specific needs of acne-prone skin. Matte BB CreamFrom Under Twenty is an excellent alternative to foundation, ideal especially in the summer. The lightweight formula does not weigh down the skin. In turn, good pigmentation allows you to even out skin tone and hide minor imperfections. An additional advantage of cosmetics is the ability to remove shine, thanks to which your make-up will remain fresh for much longer. BB cream will also help you avoid the effect of the mask. All you have to do is match its color to the natural shade of your face skin. BB Cream for Acne-Prone Skin So, Under Twenty is perfect for your first makeup, even if your skills aren’t quite as big yet.

How to do makeup step by step Which is the first makeup without secrets

Contrary to appearances, the next stages of makeup are not difficult to perform at all. You just need to follow their arrangement, and perfect makeup step by step you can do it without any hassle. Where should you start? Course of proper preparation of facial skin. To clean it, use your favorite washing product – foam or gel, for example less than twenty. Dry your face with a paper towel. Then apply the appropriate cream for your skin needs. You can choose a product that contains matting ingredients (matting creams that extend the durability of makeup). Wait until the cosmetics are absorbed. If you are using a BB cream, you can skip this step as this product contains conditioning ingredients. So you can safely apply BB cream directly to the clean skin of your face. How to apply BB cream? This product is applied in the same way as a conventional liquid. So you can use your fingertips for this. If you want to hide very visible blemishes, then apply an antibacterial concealer, for example, Under Twenty. Finally, sprinkle your face with powder, also preferably matte and antibacterial, from Under Twenty. And it’s ready! The rest of the makeup is your own invention. You can use lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow and mascara to implement it. We are sure that each of these products will look simply amazing on such ready-made skin.


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