Skin after winter – rejuvenation, care and cosmetics | under twenty

Skin after winter – rejuvenation, care and cosmetics | under twenty

Despite the fact that winter has its charms, I think you’ll agree with us – it’s a good thing it’s over now. Now there’s nothing else to do but enjoy the coming spring and look forward to summer, and of course our dream vacation. However, before we dream about the good, and make plans for the holidays, we must first take care of our skin, the condition of which after winter leaves much to be desired. It becomes dry and often equally irritating, susceptible to temperature changes, and therefore requires our help. What do you do to get her back in good shape and prepare for the arrival of sunny summer days?

Tired skin? Say goodbye to the effects of winter forever!

Frost, wind, snow, dry air at school and at home – these are the factors that affect your skin every day. No wonder it looks gray, dry, and irritated now. Gray, tired skin certainly does not look good, especially if it is prone to the blemishes that may appear on it as a result of the disturbed work of the sebaceous glands caused by excessive water loss. Skin rejuvenation after winter

Moisturizing Cream – See How Much It Can Do!

Damaged complexion needs immediate help. In the case of the skin after winter , you should focus mainly on restoring the proper level of skin hydration. You must remember that your facial skin has been losing water every day, especially during the winter ski fun, which can lead to its drying out. How can you check if this problem applies to you? Look carefully at your face. If you notice visibly dry areas on them (especially around the forehead and cheeks) or you notice that your skin is more oily, you can be sure that it is not wet enough. What in this case?

Above all, do not panic! Thanks to the quick procedure, your skin will soon be restored to its good condition. from where we start? Of course than buying a good moisturizer. When used regularly, the ingredients rich in active ingredients will help balance the skin’s hydration level and make it resistant to water loss. The best moisturizing cream in the case of acne-prone skin is the one that, apart from ensuring optimal hydration, also prevents the appearance of blemishes. Therefore, it should contain antibacterial substances, such as antibacterial deep moisturizing cream under twenty. Thanks to the comprehensive formula skin care after winter with his participation is highly effective.

Use the antibacterial cream twice a day – in the morning and evening, on clean face skin. While we are talking about cleansing, do not forget to do a rejuvenating cream that can properly perform its task, it must be applied to clean skin from all kinds of imperfections. Cleansing preparations – gels and foams intended for acne-prone skin – are indispensable for this.


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