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Excess and necessary equipment for training at home.

Excess and necessary equipment for training at home.

Do you train at home? The decision has been made. cool! The most important thing is to clearly define the plan and place of work. Now all that remains is to set up your training institute. How do I do it? Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that. With us you will not have to spend a fortune on expensive equipment. Basic tools and a little creativity are enough.


Very functional and popular equipment. It is worth investing in it, especially since it is relatively inexpensive, because from today you will spend a lot of time in it. Your spine will thank you for buying it and believe me, carpet training, as opposed to blanket training, won’t jeopardize your nerves. The mat adheres well to the floor, thanks to which it does not slip, your position is stable, the muscles work in the planned path of movement, and the stretching becomes more pleasant. There are different types of mats, we recommend those that are folded in half, very thick and of a length that suits your height. Don’t buy rolled mats! True, it is convenient to transport, lightweight and cheap. However, your carpet should be in the house, not on the camp site. Therefore, it is better if its entire surface is flush with the ground and not twisted in all directions of the world. Why is it thick? Because it is better absorbed during intense exercise, thanks to which you will avoid bruises and bruises on your increasingly thin body.

Barbilan Horns

They are otherwise called dumbbells or dumbbells depending on their weight or desire. In the gym we can see the entire rack and sometimes several racks loaded with this very useful barbell. You can do without them by choosing to train with the load on your body, but by using these very useful weights or introducing them to the exercise, you will give a new incentive that will allow you to achieve amazing results, and that is what we mean. However, this does not mean that instead of a shoe cabinet, the hallway should have a dumbbell stand. You can replace the smaller weights with 0.7L water filled bottles, and slightly larger 1.5L or 2L water bottles. A stable grip is important for weights. If you have small hands, it may be better to invest in a professional dumbbell – one pair. Exactly, one pair is enough for you. There are dumbbells on the market consisting of plates that can weigh from 1 kilogram to 5 kilograms, and they will be perfect for you.

Jump rope

You do not need it, your imagination is enough. When warming up, jump high and raise your knees into the air instead of jumping over a string. You can do the jig, lajkonita, backward and warm up, and you’ll be surprised how well you do 😉 It’s only important that you apply these jumps as always, plus you have to repeat twice more than using the concrete jump rope.


Without a doubt, it is an indispensable device during fitness classes in a gym. Fortunately, you’re training at home, so you don’t need it…just have stairs. The stairs to the second floor, the stairs to the stairs, the stairs to your house, are actually a first step. Because that’s all you need to work out your beautiful triceps by doing Swedish push-ups, emphasize massive calf muscles or warm up before training by doing a step up.


Do you have a roommate? A boy, a friend, a sister, a brother or maybe a son who weighs 10 kilograms? If so, the matter is settled. You don’t need a barbell with heavy squat plates, a medicine ball to train your oblique muscles, or an exercise bench. The weight of your loved ones is sufficient. Believe me, they will be happy to help you with training, besides, you will have a lot of fun, and as a result, you will infuse them with positive energy and be ready for sports at home.

If you have any proven ideas for home replacement for exercise machines, share them with us. our users and we will be glad to try them.


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