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5 products to create a hand care routine

5 products to create a hand care routine

Have you ever heard that the hands and neck “age” like the face? Over time, the skin loses its natural elasticity and moisture, making it appear looser and thinner, in addition to suffering from the appearance of spots and other marks. Thus, it is in these areas that the effects of aging are more noticeable and, therefore, it is important to maintain a care routine to help reduce them.


We are used to taking care of facial skin: there are thousands of creams and procedures that treat and prevent wrinkles in the eye area, for example. But what about the hands? If they also suffer from aging, we should take care of this skin with the same attention. In light of this, Minha Vida has selected some products for you to prepare a complete hand care routine. Check it out below:


    • Tea Tree liquid hand soap,
    • Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Aging Hand Cream, N


    • Hand cream


    • Actin sunscreen SPF 60 without color,


    • exfoliating hand and foot cream,


Tea Tree Liquid Hand Soap, The Body Shop


Some soaps can worsen the dryness of the skin on your hands, so it’s important to buy a gentle soap to take at home. Give preference to products that contain moisturizing elements in the formula. This product from The Body Shop contains tea tree oil, which provides gentle cleansing without damaging the skin


Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Aging Hand Cream, Nivea


Nivea hand cream is a good option for those who already have some signs of aging on their hands. In addition to intensive moisturizing, the cream also stimulates cell renewal and prevents skin aging. For added comfort, the product absorbs quickly and can be used several times a day, ensuring that hands are always moisturized.

Restoring Hand Cream, CeraVe


Suitable for those with dry, rough hands, CeraVe Repair Cream was developed with dermatologists to relieve dryness and help restore the skin’s protective barrier. The formula contains 3 essential skin ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which promote all-day hydration.

Actin Sunscreen SPF 60 Colorless, Daro


Using sunscreen on your hands is essential and should be a daily habit. The product prevents skin aging and the appearance of blemishes caused by UVA and UVB rays. Actin sunscreen has an SPF of 60 and can be used on hands and face, has a dry finish and is ideal for everyday use. Available on Amazon for 58.50 BRL.


Hand and feet exfoliating cream, Dagua Natural

To further take care of your hands, it is interesting to exfoliate your skin at most once a week. Exfoliation stimulates cell renewal and removes dead skin cells, increasing the absorption of moisturizing creams. This product from the brand D’agua Natural contains micro-spheres of plant origin and has a revitalizing and moisturizing activity.

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