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No more shine to the skin!

No more shine to the skin!

Do you also have the impression that your facial complexion, despite you, wants to shine all the time? Exactly… A glowing face is a nuisance to many people, as well as evidence of oily skin, which can be a huge problem, and which you may have already noticed. If, like us, you’re sick of it, take action. Oily skin is a tough opponent, but one that can be defeated. It is enough to have access to a unique product, which is a matting powder. This is your ally! Apply it on the skin of the face and forget the glow of the skin for several hours. Do you think it is impossible? This means that you have not yet met Under Twenty glitter powder, which can be safely called a cosmetic for special tasks. Let us give you that. We have a feeling you will create a long and successful relationship!


Why does the skin glow?

The unsightly sheen of the skin, associated with the loss of freshness, may appear several hours after applying makeup. Everything depends on individual circumstances and the type of cosmetics used for make-up. However, it happens that the skin begins to glow faster. Most often in the so-called T-zones (forehead, nose, chin). This is a sign of oily skin or acne-prone skin showing oily skin.

Oily skin It is nothing more than the result of a disturbance in the work of the sebaceous glands, which secrete a lot of sebum. It is deposited on the surface, and begins to form visible deposits on the face in the form of glowing greasy places. This phenomenon is exacerbated especially in summer under the influence of high temperatures and sunlight. Glowing skin is not only a cosmetic defect, but also a direct way to create blemishes. That’s why you have to fight it. as? Of course with the help of care. Care for oily skin should rely primarily on products that contain components that regulate the process of sebum secretion, as well as substances that deeply cleanse the skin of the face. In turn, to improve its appearance, you need to have access to polishing products.

Powder for oily skin – meet and adore it!

As you’ve probably noticed, oily skin has its own needs. If you can make it happen, there is a good chance that you will be able to enjoy her good looks. In addition to care products, it is worth having access to cosmetics that will help you hide the shortcomings that are characteristic of this type of skin. They are mat preparations. Among those that you should definitely make friends with is Under Twenty Matting Powder with antibacterial properties. Yes, you read that correctly. It is a product that convinces and cares for the skin of the face. Thanks to him , oily facial skin quickly becomes a memory. Under twenty anti-bacterial powder is the perfect solution to frequently asked questions about what to do so that the face does not glow and is an effective method for oily skin.

Under Twenty powder will give you the matte finish you’ve dreamed of and will stay with you for hours. This will be ensured by transparent matting particles present in the product, which absorb excess sebum and prevent the skin from glossy. On the other hand, nourishing ingredients of natural origin (including green tea extract and bamboo stalk) narrow the pores, reduce the amount of sebum secreted and smooth the complexion, while soothing the complexion. We’re sure Under Twenty Anti-Bacterial Buffing Powder will stay with you for much longer!


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