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Curly Hairstyles: Short, Long and Medium

Curly Hairstyles: Short, Long and Medium

Curly hair has different textures and shapes. From the most closed to the most open braids, the shape of this type of hair allows to create different hairstyle styles.

“Curly hair has a natural movement that gives the hairstyle a lot of beauty,” explains Cris Dios, of Laces and Hair salon in São Paulo. Kris says she loves to create hairstyles that respect this curly movement, securing strand by strand with bobby pins.


Hairstylist Ness Cavalcant, of Maria Bellisa Salon in São Paulo, says using specific finishers and mousses for curly hair helps style curls. These products designed for this type of hair are ideal for controlling frizz and hydrating it in the right amount.

Here are some tips for creating amazing hairstyles for curly hair:

1- Bun with braids


The braids are built into the top of the head, making the bun more flexible, enhancing the shape of the braids. The baby’s hair is combed (small strands that are born at the front of the head), which adds charm to the look.


2- Cake with surprise


Leave the front section of hair loose and tossed to one side. On the sides are carried out twists , which can be decorated with hair accessories.

3- side


This hairstyle is also known as waterfall. The hair is only flipped to one side, so the braids fall over one shoulder, which is a great option for those with long hair. Wires can be secured at the back of the neck using clips and fasteners.


4- Half stuck


To differentiate the hairstyle, braids can be made embedded in the sides of the hair. Two loose curls in the front are also a great option to switch up the look.


5- Space buns with braids


Two loose buns are made at the top of the head, leaving the rest of the strands loose. In the front the hair is braided on both sides.

6- Ponytail hairstyle with twists


Before fixing the hair in a ponytail, two twists are made on each side of the head, the “twisted” part is fixed with a small bobby pin.


7- Boxer Low Bin


This hairstyle is a great option for hot days. Before finishing the boxers, the two sides of the braid are tied into a loose bun, showing the shape of the braids.


8- Extended side


Modeling ointment or gel is applied to the initial part of the side of the head, to stretch the strands with the help of a brush or comb. The rest of the hair is outlined with a final cream.

9- Bandana


The bandana can be used in any color and pattern. Combining large earrings help complete the look.


10- Space cakes with bangs


The front of the hair is left loose by adjusting the volume of the bangs. On the sides, two high buns are performed.


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