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Gua Sha: what is it, what are the benefits

Gua Sha: what is it, what are the benefits

Speaking of Gua Sha, many people already believe that famous stones like jade and flower quartz , are used for facial massage during their facial routine. Although gaining popularity again in recent times, this technique was created thousands of years ago.


Gua Sha refers to an ancient Chinese technique in which a stone is rubbed with the skin in order to increase tissue circulation . “Gua” means fickle and “sha” means sand or shark skin, which is the sensation that lingers on the skin after the word “Gua,” explains Renato Pazzini, MD, a dermatologist at Albert Einstein and Oswaldo Cruz Hospitals.


Why this?


According to the expert, the Chinese initially used this technique to cleanse the body. “With friction, there is an increase in localized circulation which promotes ‘cleaning’ of tissues. There are even scientifically proven benefits for these muscle pain relief ,” says Renato.

Therefore, Gua Sha has goals that go beyond aesthetics. Different types of stones adapt to different face shapes, allowing for a precise massage in the area.


The movements made during the technique also interfere with the desired effect. As the stone passes through the inner region of the face to the outer region, it conducts lymphatic drainage, which works to tone the skin.




“When we think about the rationale for a facial stone peeling, we can imagine that there is an improvement in the texture of the skin by removing the layer of dead cells; as well as a reduction in facial swelling (friction will increase local circulation and improve tissue drainage),” explains Renato.

However, a dermatologist warns against misusing Gua Sha, which should be used gently, avoiding possible skin injuries. Moreover, this process should not be repeated more than once a week due to the risk of losing the natural protection of the epidermis.


“This technique should be practiced with caution in people with more sensitive skin (such as those with rosacea) or people with active acne, due to the risk of infection and scarring.”


how to use?


It is important to follow some recommendations when using Gua Sha:


    • Step 1: With clean skin, apply face oil or cream


    • The second step: Put the stone on the face, gently press it, and hold the corresponding part of the skin with your hands


    • Step Three: Move the stone in upward motions from the center of the face to its edges


    • Step Four: Pass the stone in the neck area, with pressure.


“My advice for making Gua Sha is to leave the stone in the fridge and use a more greasy serum, which makes it easier for the stone to glide onto the skin while helping to nourish the surface layers,” concludes Renato.


Where do you find Gua Sha?


Facial Quartz Roller Massage Set and Gua Sha Set, Osin


The perfect combo that leaves skin radiant. In addition to the Gua Sha stone, which perfectly matches the anatomy of the face, the Océane collection contains a rose quartz roller. Both promote lymphatic drainage which reduces skin swelling, relieves muscle tension, and improves flexibility.


Duotar Gua Sha Assembly


Designed to improve the overall health of the body, this stone improves the micro-circulation of the facial blood vessels and keeps the skin firm and tight. Offers the most complete massage therapy.


Jade’s Gua Sha facial set


The set comes with three panels in different shapes and is ergonomically comfortable to treat all areas of the face. Jade stone, on contact with the skin, refreshes and aids in blood circulation.


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