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Afro puff: 4 home hacks to create a hairstyle

Afro puff: 4 home hacks to create a hairstyle

The afro puff It is one of the most popular hairstyles among people with curly and flyaway hair. Practical, beautiful and fast, it is ideal for medium or short locks – as in those who have carried out a large seal (cutting a smooth part) during the transition of capillaries.

Another advantage of this type of Coke is its ease of access. Because curly hair is considered “heavier,” traditional ties may not be useful when holding strands in, increasing the risk of breakage and ruining the look of the curl.


In the case of the afro puff, you don’t have to worry about buying a particular hair elastic. To make this hairstyle, you can use different types of things that everyone has in the house. Check out some tips:



How to make an afro puff in hair



One of the simplest and most affordable tricks for making an afro puff at home is to use shoelaces when tying the bun. The idea is that it does not appear in the hairstyle, but if you prefer, you can leave it on display to add more charm to the look. See how to do it:


    • 1 – As the hair comes out, apply a little cream or moisturizer to the inner part of the strands


    • 2- Put the shoelace around your head, bringing the two ends close to your forehead


    • 3 – Make a shoelace knot


    • 4 – Slowly pull the knot, so that the shoelace rises from the back of the neck to the top of the head


    • 5- Adjust the desired bun height and then wrap the lace over your hair again


    • 6 – Tie the shoelace again until it disappears


    • 7 – Secure the strands with a bit of cream and, if necessary, secure some parts with a bobby pin.



elastic sock


As with shoelaces, you can cut a piece of elastic sock and tie it around your head when making the afro puff. To do this, just follow the above steps.





The main difference between the bandana and other types of elastic that can be used to make the afro puff lies in the style that this accessory provides. Available in different colors and prints, it can add extra charm to your hairstyle.




People with short hair, who cannot secure the strands with any kind of elasticity, can make the afro puff with the help of barrettes . See step by step:


    • 1 – Apply a small amount of gel, ointment, gelatin, or a fixative of your choice to the hair


    • 2 – With a brush, comb the hair up, taking the strands towards the top of the head


    • 3 – Extend a piece of locks with your hands to the area chosen to keep the cake


    • 4 – Secure the wires with one or two clamps


    • 5- Repeat the process by choosing one section of hair at a time


    • 6- If necessary, finish the hairstyle with a fixing spray



Don’t be afraid of difference


Very versatile, the afro bouffant allows for different types of styles to be discovered when creating a hairstyle. Among the possibilities, it is possible to put the decoration in the bun, leave the bangs loose, add colorful barrettes, tiaras or even braid part of the strands.


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