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This should be in your party bag!

This should be in your party bag!

No matter what kind of event we’re invited to, we always want to look amazing. Therefore, we usually start preparing for it early. However, no matter how careful they are, we will not free ourselves from having to take a few small things with us, thanks to which we will look fresh and radiant even after a few hours on the dance floor. Party styling is important, but even the most glamorous won’t look good when our carefully designed evening makeup wipes off our face under the influence of perspiration. So to avoid such an effect, be sure to take cosmetics with you in your wallet, which, as if by magic, will allow you to once again delight with flawless skin and perfect makeup. Here are the must-have party supplies – make sure you have it all!

Party makeup – how do I do it?

There is no doubt – party dresses, more precisely, the rules of their appearance and selection are a very important topic, about which. However, we must not forget that even the most beautiful creation requires careful complementation, which is undoubtedly evening make -up . Careful and skillfully crafted, it not only makes us look better but also feel better. We become confident and full of positive energy, ready to have fun all night long. If you are wondering how to perform party makeup to feel like a star, we hurry to the tip.

Let’s start the evening makeupAlthough it must undoubtedly be more expressive than what we do on a daily basis, it cannot be too intense, as it can have the exact opposite effect of the one you want to achieve. Remember, your youthful skin requires nothing but a gentle focus on your natural beauty and concealment of minor imperfections. So he ditched the heavily covered foundations. Not only that, if not applied correctly, it often causes the mask effect, but it can also aggravate your skin problems. Replace with gentler fluids or BB creams, preferably those meant for acne-prone skin. Complete the party look with volumizing eyelashes and lips, mascara with your favorite lipstick color. Recently, lipsticks that give a matte effect have been used. However, if you are not the owner of naturally full lips, and you want to visually enlarge them a little, then choose a light gloss instead of a matte one. You will achieve this effect with lip gloss or lipstick with luminous particles.

Matting Powder – Shouldn’t be missing in your bag!

face powderAs you already know, it fixes make-up. Therefore, we always apply it over our foundation or BB cream. As a result, the skin becomes matte and the foundation is protected from abrasion. To provide your skin with a matte effect for a longer time, you can choose a matte face powder, for example from Under Twenty, which will give you a flawless matte complexion and protect against unsightly shine. If you are going to a party that will last several hours, be sure to take it with you! And put in a small, easy-to-use package, they’ll be ready to use whenever you need them. It is enough to put it in your wallet and, if necessary, apply a small amount to the face to restore a pleasant feeling of freshness. Also, hide the lipstick you used for makeup in your wallet. As you play, even the most persistent will begin to fade with time. Then a short visit to the bathroom is enough and you’ll look great again. Also, don’t forget the perfume. Replace the traditional 30 or 50 ml bottle with a small, handy perfume – most perfumes have mini versions already. This way you can easily put your favorite perfume even in a small handbag. If you’ve got it all, you’re good to go! Enjoy!


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