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Fruit Roller – Appetizing face masks

Fruit Roller – Appetizing face masks

Can’t you imagine summer without fruit? He is like us! Juicy and sweet, they are the basis of the holiday menu. And, as it turned out, they are perfect not only in the kitchen. Increasingly, fruit extracts are used in cosmetics. This is due to the high content of fruit acids and other valuable components, including vitamins, which have a very good effect on the skin of the face. Thanks to them, the addition of fruit extracts makes cosmetics more effective. Do you want to know? Try the fruit masks from Under Twenty, which seduce with their mouth-watering fragrances. We guarantee that your skin will love them!

Fruit face masks – enjoy their aroma and their effectiveness!

Facial masks are a type of product that, by definition, equates to relaxation. Their effect is not only relaxing, but also the ritual of wearing them, which, thanks to sheet masks, becomes a lot of fun. In addition to the tremendous fun that face masks provide, they are very effective. This is due to a more concentrated formula that contains more active ingredients than in everyday care products. When you reach for them, you can feel that this is what you give your face skin with a real nourishing cocktail that will improve its appearance and condition.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the used masks, apart from the fact that you have to do it systematically about 2-3 times a week, you should also choose the right products. what does that mean? Well, among the many suggestions on store shelves, you have to find those that contain ingredients that will suit your skin’s needs. To facilitate this task for you, we suggest that you focus on those that will cleanse the skin of your face, which will allow you to cope with the problem of imperfections, and those that will moisturize it properly, protecting it from drying out. You must remember that moisturizing the skin is very important in its care, and in no case should not be underestimated. Therefore, we suggest that you test two types of Under Twenty masks – a sebum-reducing cleansing mask with a light kiwi scent and a hydrating mask that soothes irritation that smells like juicy watermelon. We assure you – you won’t regret it!

Under Twenty Sheet Masks –

Enjoy your skin and take care of it!

Sheet masks is an excellent example of how to combine good fun with effective facial skin care. In the proposals prepared by the company Under Twenty Mask on a sheet of paper they turn your face into a slice of delicious watermelon and kiwi, which will surely cheer you up whenever you look in the mirror. In addition to the pleasant and amazing aroma of fruits, the masks carefully care for the skin of the face, thanks to the high content of active ingredients of natural origin.

In addition to kiwi extract, which is rich in B vitamins and AHAs, the cleansing mask also contains, among other things, cucumber extract containing vitamins B and C and minerals. Thanks to this, the use of the mask allows you to thoroughly clean the skin of the face, leaving it pleasantly refreshed, providing it with a lot of substances and nutrients necessary to maintain a good condition. On the other side

Moisturizing face mask calms irritation In addition to watermelon extract rich in vitamins C and E and also contains potassium pineapple extract , an important source of vitamin C and malic acid. As a result, the mask provides intense hydration and radiance to the skin, as well as reducing irritation. Appetizing and effective – try it for yourself!


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