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Skin Cleansing – Find out about our new products! click here!

Skin Cleansing – Find out about our new products! click here!

Normalization Deep cleansing facial scrub is a cosmetic that can be safely called a product for special tasks. As you already know, exfoliation is one of the most important care treatments that allow you to thoroughly cleanse the skin, not only of various types of impurities, but also of dead skin cells accumulated on its surface, which clog the sebaceous glands, thereby contributing to the formation of blemishes. You should do this regularly several times a week. Thanks to the high content of active ingredients of natural origin (including willow bark extract), our product will reduce imperfections and visibly nourish the skin of the face.

Charcoal Cleansing and Detoxifying Paste Facial cleanser is undoubtedly a product that plays an important role in daily skin care. We suggest supplementing its effect with an effective deep-cleansing tonic that tightens pores, or an antibacterial tonic that reduces sebum – another factor responsible for pimples on your face. This product, in addition to enhancing the cleansing effect of the gel, also restores the appropriate pH level of the skin, thereby protecting it from excessive water loss and the harmful effects of external factors. Antibacterial tonic It is the perfect complement to morning and evening beauty treatments, which can benefit your skin a lot.

Facial cleaning at home You can enrich yourself with more advanced treatments, the effectiveness of which is similar to professional treatments performed in beauty salons. A cleansing mask will definitely be necessary where you can use the proposed carbon cleansing and detoxifying paste. The activated carbon in it is anti-bacterial and friendly to your skin, and it has a very good effect. You can use this product in two ways: for daily face wash (then it will successfully replace the traditional product with face wash gel) or in the form of a mask – this way you will strengthen its daily action, and guarantee better results.

It so happens that every day step by step facial care turns out to be insufficient. In such a situation, it is worth betting on the so-called cosmetics for special tasks, which are also great before the big event, when you want an instant effect. This is how nose patches with blackheads work. Very effective, safe and painless to use, it allows you to perfectly clean the skin of the face and get rid of the hated blackhead. Their use is very simple – just clean the facial skin in advance (you can use the above-mentioned facial gel or carbon paste), moisten the place where you intend to apply the patch, carefully stick it on the selected part of the face and leave it for 15 minutes, the active ingredients contained in the patch fibers will It perfectly deals with accumulated impurities, helping you get rid of blackheads – quickly, simply and effectively.


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