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Proven ways to get the perfect mat – find out today!

Proven ways to get the perfect mat – find out today!

In the summer, dreams of a perfectly matte facial skin seem a long way off. If you have a problem with brightness, you know it all too well. As a result of sunlight, there is often an increase in the production of sebum – a substance that is part of the skin’s natural protective barrier. The losses formed in it as a result of the drying effect of the sun’s rays force the glands to intensify the production of sebum, which makes the skin of the face glowing. We can prevent this from happening in two ways. The first is careful care of the skin of the face, and the second is the use of effective cosmetics. Let’s take a closer look at each of these methods.

Glowing face – find a way to!

Oily skin, such as acne-prone skin tends to shine, which is caused by the disruption of the work of the sebaceous glands. It happens that in the summer this problem is exacerbated by sunlight. Excess sebum begins to accumulate on the face, which leads to clogging of the sebaceous glands, which unfortunately, apart from the unsightly appearance of the skin of the face, also contributes to the formation of imperfections on its surface. In order to combat the problem of glowing facial skin, you should focus on proper care, and focus on deep cleansing. Cosmetics for acne-prone skin used during daily treatments, in addition to washing agents, should also contain components that regulate the amount of sebum, such as, for example, Under Twenty care products intended for problem skin. In addition, a shiny complexion canNo longer a nuisance to us, it is worth adding a good matting powder to the list of cosmetics intended for make-up, because this product can offer a lot of benefits.

Matte Antibacterial Powder – Your Best Friend

Matting powder is a must for all women with oily skin. Due to the content of substances that absorb excess sebum distributed on the surface of the skin, it provides a gentle soothing effect, making it regain its freshness. So it is undoubtedly the best finishing touch to your makeup.

If your skin is problematic, powder for oily skin in addition to the above-mentioned matting ingredients should also contain substances with antibacterial properties that reduce blemishes. An example of such a comprehensive product is Under Twenty Matting powder with an antibacterial effect. Like other cosmetics of this type, powder contains highly effective fat-absorbing translucent particles, which, by adapting to the natural skin tone, provide a natural finish to make-up, as well as smooth the complexion. In addition, the product also includes caring substances of natural origin, incl. Green tea extract and bamboo extract. Both components perfectly absorb sebum, reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, and at the same time provide the effect of perfectly smooth skin, calming the skin of the face.

You can use the powder every day to finish your makeup by gently sprinkling it all over your face – apply it with a special brush or sponge to the skin. Be sure to clean any excess product off the brush or sponge. This way, when applied to the face, it will look more natural. Antibacterial polishing powder can be used with any foundation or liquid, but in order to maximize the effectiveness of its effect in reducing blemishes and long-term dullness, it is best to combine its use with an antibacterial liquid or a light antibacterial BB cream from Under Twenty. This way you will increase your chances of having a perfectly matte facial skin all day long.


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