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Eyelashes lifting: what it is, how it is done and how long it lasts


What is that?


Eyelash lift, also known as eyelash lift, is a technique aimed at improving the aesthetics of the eye area. By applying specific products, eyelashes are extended, curved and aligned.


How it works?


This technique is considered simple and can be performed between 60 and 90 minutes. To perform the eyelash lift procedure, products are applied aimed at changing the natural shape of the eyelashes, as well as moisturizing with vitamins that prolong the result.

Wire change occurs after gel and coloring work. The effect is similar to that obtained with an eyelash curler and mascara, creating curls and alignment without applying additional strands.

Indications and contraindications


This technique can be done by any adult or teenager who wants to modify eyelashes. However, it is necessary to note some details by the specialist before carrying out the procedure.


“The eyelashes need to be evaluated due to the size of the thread. If they are too short, they cannot be adjusted according to the template (silicone pad),” explains Louisa.


Additionally, lifting eyelashes is contraindicated for people with certain health conditions, explained Taylor Giraldelli, the eyelash specialist responsible for Lash House. Among them:


The main reason for contraindications is the presence of formaldehyde in the products used during the procedure. “The connection between the enamel is due to the formaldehyde in it, which also contains properties such as ammonia. Thus, if the client is allergic to enamel, you will feel uncomfortable with the perm,” explain the Thais.




Care aims to ensure continuity of effect. One of the main recommendations is not to get wet or apply mascara for the first 24 hours after the procedure.


In addition, it is important to choose oil-free makeup removers and water-based mascara, and to avoid chemical changes in products applied to the hair. It is also important to maintain hydration in the area. “Care with a nourishing serum twice a day. It will help strengthen and care for strands post-chemistry,” says Louisa.


How long does it take?


Also according to Louisa, eyelashes lift can last up to 45 days depending on the care and growth of the strands. Since there is no application of false eyelashes, the effect of the technique depends exclusively on the natural removal of products and the birth of natural wires.


how much does it cost?


The cost of the procedure depends on the products used and the professional who will perform the eyelash lift procedure.

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