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10 steps for problem skin care

10 steps for problem skin care

You can get rid of blemishes much easier than you think. Learn about the ten mandatory steps that will help you take full care of your skin. Read, remember and start applying today!


1. Cleanse your skin in three steps

We always say this: Use water when washing your face. Otherwise, it will not remove one hundred percent of the blemishes and this could be a reason for recurring pimples or blackheads. So, forget about micellar liquid and opt for a face wash gel or foam. Once every three days, use a gentle scrub to cleanse the skin of dead cells. Do this right after washing, while the skin is still damp. Finally, don’t forget the activator. It restores the appropriate pH of the skin, thanks to which it is better protected from irritation. Thanks to him, fighting acne could be much easier. Especially if you use one that also helps reduce skin glare and diminish blemishes, like ours an effective anti-bacterial tonic that regulates sebum.. It contains a derivative of salicylic acid and vitamin PP, and it has long been known that these two components are a great weapon in the fight against pimples. However, remember: in order for the tonic to have the best effect, always use it at the end of cleansing the skin, as well as after peeling and after washing off the mask from the face, and not before applying it.

2. Try your diet

More precisely – check what is good for your skin. If, a few days after eating rolls, pizza or sweets, you notice a sudden attack of pimples on your skin, you probably need to take a closer look at your diet. Eating a lot of fat or sugar can lead to acne breakouts. It has also been shown that it can sometimes be the result of lactose and gluten intolerance or hypersensitivity.

3. Masks of love in all its forms

There is no better cosmetic than masks to clean the pores, soothe inflammation and calm the skin. All of them should include acne skin care . So, include it in your skincare routine ASAP! They are the best at cleaning and tightening the mask pores by adding carbon or clay, like ours a charcoal cleansing and detoxifying paste that you can use in two ways: as a peeling enzyme applied a few minutes after washing the face or as an intense cleansing mask. In addition to carbon, which “pulls” impurities from the skin, it also contains purifying clay, burdock to smooth out skin shine, and zinc, which has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces blemishes. excellent! And how to fight acne cleans the skin more and more? With our help , a cleansing mask on a sheet to reduce sebum secretions! Then you will get acne with a real gun! The kiwi extract in this mask gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin, while the cucumber extract moisturizes and nourishes it. What more do you want for your skin?! Whenever you need your skin to look great, put the mask on your face for 15 minutes, take it off after a quarter of an hour, and apply the remaining serum to your skin and it’s ready! Fighting acne becomes much simpler!

4. Use more than one cream

Acne skin care is a bit demanding. To keep your skin looking better and better, you usually need two types of cream. One for the day that removes shine, protects it from UV rays (see packaging for information on the content of sunscreen filters) and moisturizes at the same time. For the evening, a cream that effectively fights blemishes and inflammations is better, for example, a cream with the addition of zinc or fruit acids, including almond or salicylic acids, which soften the skin, regulate the secretion of sebum and narrow the pores. Here is your answer to the question How to get rid of acne – use carefully selected creams!

5. Match the right makeup

We know you want to hide blemishes as best as possible, but a poorly chosen foundation or powder or makeup that’s too heavy can make you fight acne like fighting windmills. Therefore, for makeup, use cosmetics designed specifically for problem skin, which will not clog pores, cause irritation and will not aggravate acne. If you only have one pimples here and there, your best option would be to opt for a full face foundation that is lighter and less opaque even just outside of the skin, and a more opaque foundation to mask the blemishes themselves. Also choose foundations and powders with added antibacterial and polishing agents. Then you win twice – you feel more confident in your makeup, and the active ingredients of your cosmetics fight acne! Also, always remember to wash your powder cans, brushes, and sponges with soap to prevent bacteria buildup, which can aggravate acne.

6. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin

Fighting acne isn’t easy on your skin and (especially when you’re overusing exfoliating cosmetics or actively fighting pimples) your skin can irritate. To avoid this, give her a relaxing and soothing treatment once a week and put on a soothing mask, for example a sheet. Fifteen minutes is enough to repair and strengthen the skin’s protective layer, improve hydration, and soothe any irritation. This small step will make you acne skin care will be more fun for you. If your skin begins to turn a little red after acidic creams, take a short break from it and for a few days until the complexion does not return to normal, replace it with regular moisturizing creams for acne skin or brightening creams.

7. Remove makeup when you go home

How to get rid of acne faster? Read above! This tip is very important especially in the winter, when you get exposed to smog after leaving the house, and in the summer when your skin is sweating a lot. When you get home and plan an evening with Netflix, remove your makeup immediately. During the day, pollutants come from the air, car exhaust fumes, and sweat deposits on them, which can lead to pores and irritation. So admit that it’s best to get it off your skin ASAP. However, this does not mean that you should wash it as often as possible. Twice is enough, unless you sweat heavily in the heat, it is worth cleaning additionally.

8. Take care of the whole body

This is really valuable advice on how to fight acne. Suddenly pimples appear only on your forehead or back? Things you never thought to be to blame should be blamed, like new shampoo, hair conditioner, clogged shower gel, or even washing powder that irritates the skin and aggravates acne. Sometimes, to avoid such surprises, it is enough to make only minor changes in care, such as washing your face after washing your head or using the same facial cosmetics for washing the neckline or back (if you have acne problems).

9. Make an intense detox

Of course the skin. You already know about the use of cleansing and detoxifying masks and peels. However, you can also clean the skin from the inside out. We never recommend any fasting or restrictive diet without consulting your doctor. However, you can safely help your skin by trying to eat healthy food for two to three days and include more vegetables, especially vegetable juices, in your diet. Beets, kale, parsley, and spinach all have detoxifying properties. Also try to drink plenty of water and green tea during this time. While detoxing, it’s best to cut back on your makeup as well. This is a good patent on how to fight acne . Such a detox, along with a peeling and mask, is worth treating the skin once a month, especially before a party or an important event at which you want to look perfect.

10. Acne skin care – what you need to know

If you suddenly notice that the condition of your skin has deteriorated significantly and all steps of skin care fail, do not hesitate, help treat even the most difficult acne and do not look for risky tips on the Internet. Don’t be afraid to visit a dermatologist afterward. A sudden attack of acne may be caused by a bacterial infection or temporary hormonal disturbances. Do not worry, it can usually be tamed easily, but it does require the help of a specialist. Therefore, do not try the online lifestyle like: “Put salt with lemon on your face” and do not buy suspicious acne miracle creams from an unknown brand from China, because you may seriously damage your skin and may lead to permanent scars. He. She. Your dermatologist will safely guide you out of your skin problems.


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