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daily acne skin care | under twenty

daily acne skin care | under twenty

Daily skin care should become a habit for all of us. It is a guarantee that our facial skin keeps its good shape and condition. In the case of acne-prone skin, it seems to be especially important because following its rules allows you to reduce imperfections and restore lost skin smoothness. For acne skin care to be truly effective, it must rely on products that contain ingredients appropriate to its needs. If you still do not know what acne skin needs, we are happy to provide you with answers to all your questions, which we hope will allow you to take care of your facial skin in the right way.


Acne skin under a magnifying glass

Acne on the face is a difficult opponent. To overcome them, you first need to know their weaknesses. The key to success in terms of reducing it is daily acne skin care mainly based on careful cleansing of the skin. So, what should you do? Initially, you should focus on choosing the right products for this. One of the most important is the cleansing product that allows you to clean the skin of impurities that are deposited on its surface every day. A face wash gel works very well in this role. It is a cosmetic containing substances for washing and caring, thanks to which it not only cleans the skin of the face, but also provides valuable components for its condition. Acne face cleanserIt should be gentle but effective at work. Under no circumstances should the skin dry out. In addition, it is good to contain antibacterial substances and ingredients that rebalance the skin to help calm irritation. As you can see, the list of tasks to be performed is long, so you need a comprehensively working product, nourishing the skin of the face at various levels. Such a cosmetic is the natural face wash gel from Under Twenty, which proves that cleaning acne skin does not have to be difficult, on the contrary – with its help, daily care of acne skin becomes a real pleasure. Gentle facial cleansing gelFrom Under Twenty, despite the high content of washing components, it does not irritate the skin. Thanks to the betaine content, it has a calming and calming effect. The fruit acids contained in it exfoliate the skin, thanks to which the pores are opened. In contrast, lentil and cherry extract, apart from deep cleansing, lighten the skin, ensuring its radiant appearance. If you want to achieve the best results, use the gel regularly in the morning and evening every day.

How to take care of acne skin – step two

Cleansing the face from acne This is not the only stage of daily care that you should focus on. The next step is to deliver nutrients to their cells. This is where all kinds of creams for acne-prone skin come in handy. Like a good face wash gel from acneThe cream should also adapt to her needs. What does this mean in practice? Well, it should contain ingredients that provide the skin with the right level of hydration, as well as substances that soothe the skin of the face. If you choose a product that contains components with antibacterial properties, your chances of winning the fight against blemishes will increase significantly. When choosing a particular product, also pay attention to its consistency. Try to avoid heavy, greasy creams that may further clog your pores. Instead, choose creams of light texture, which, thanks to the fact of their rapid absorption, become an ideal base for make-up. Always use the cream on clean facial skin.


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